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Barack Obama calls for the creation of a Gestapo like force

Posted by avideditor on July 18, 2008

It looks like the change that Obama wants to bring is the same change Hitler wanted to bring to Europe. OBAMA WILL DESTROY AMERICA IF ELECTED. Do what you can to stop this Fascist!

It looks like the MSM is trying to cover who Obama really is. For more info click here.


It looks like Obama’s Black shirts are already giving death threats and destroying peoples property that don’t meet their Ideals. Lets stop these Obama-nazi thugs before it is too late. NO THEY CAN’T destroy this country. 

From Gateway pundit

It Has Begun… Obama Supporters Torch Clinton Backer’s Property




Hillary Is My Girl ’08 is the latest Clinton supporter to step from the shadows and condemn the death threats from the Obama Camp:

On June 3, 2008 I put a PUMA sign up on my front door. I also put an nobama sign up. The entire neighborhood knew I was not going to vote for Obama {Most told me I would be stupid to vote for the man who spent weeks trying to terrorize me.}.

Two weeks later as PUMA began to gain attention the Campaign began bothering me again. I received an email and then the phone calls started.

One evening I received a phone call another death threat and then shortly after my son came in and yelled fire. Someone set my tree on fire. The fire department said the fire was arson.

In related news… The website for the petition calling for Obama to provide a certified birth certificate has been taken down because of threats against the host and their family.

PUMA PAC is keeping a list of the Clinton supporters given death threats.

Doug Ross is following this tragic news.

2 Responses to “Barack Obama calls for the creation of a Gestapo like force”

  1. Trajan75 said

    Obama is hitler.

  2. […] Barack Obama calls for the creation of a Gestapo like force […]

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