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Don’t employ “Palestinians” They will only kill you: Jerusalem bulldozer terrorist kills 4 in rampage

Posted by avideditor on July 2, 2008

4 people are dead and over 40 people are injured. Why? Because the Israeli government has granted citizenship rights to jihadis. The Israeli government needs to expel the jihadis off our land and prevent these sick bastards from killing our people. But as individuals we should not hire jihadis or buy there products. Any jew that employs “Palestinians” has blood on there hands. Don’t hire people that will kill you. Stop buying there goods. Israel should expel the so called “Palestinians” out of Israel. Jordan is there country. There is no such thing as “Palistine” These sick monsters need to be stopped. 

I think Shawarma Mayor said it best in his article There’s only one constant to the Middle East equation – Arabs are thirsty for Jewish blood

CNN USED THE WORD TERRORIST?! Why in quotes though?! They still doubt it was a terror attack? CNN are whitewashing whores!
Jerusalem bulldozer ‘terrorist’ kills 3 in rampage

What can drive a thirty something father of two to a rampage of murder against people simply because they’re Jewish? Here’s a hint – a culture and education system celebrating prior murderers of Jews, naming schools after massacre perpetrators and preachers on TV day and night inciting murder.

Iraq’s president had to apologize for having his picture taken while shaking Israel’s defense minister. There’s no one bashful about murdering Jews. It is a source of pride for a region deserving no sympathy.

Yet sympathy is abundant in the halls of UN – still funded mainly by western countries. The Arabs who invented and continue to perpetrate the majority of modern terrorism continue to enjoy a sympathetic world media coverage who openly whitewashes their deeds.

It is not the body count that matters in today’s horrific attempt to mass murder. Unlike suicide murders where in a split second carnage is inflicted yet the Muslim doing so never gets to observe his handy work – the Arab today, a father of two, observed his victims as he crushed them, he heard the screams yet he did not blink. He was on a mission from Allah – the same mission the rest of his fellow Arab Muslims are on – Jihad! Murder the Jews.

Today’s despicable act will not stop the flow of free money and foods to the hands of Arabs in the land of Israel under the PA or in Gaza. Nothing will stop the flow of support from the UN to these barbaric animals. 

The same barbaric murderers who have butchered the Jewish community in Israel since 19th century continue to do so without a single moment of self reflection and why would they? Who in this plant of injustice ever holds them accountable?

There will never be peace with Muslim Arabs and all intermediate ceasefire deals achieve is providing rest for the Jihadists.

What the US can do is drill here now. The USA has enough oil and shale reservoirs to power the world. President Bush said it is important to lobby our congress today to make this happen. Call your representatives or at least sign the Drill Here Now Newett petition. Or Contact your elected officials by clicking here.

We should remember what the hero that stopped this Jihadi said. 

As he began running towards the bulldozer, Plesser said that he shouted out to onlookers for a gun. Together with another civilian, Plesser climbed aboard the bulldozer and began wrestling with the driver.

“At one point he [the driver] yelled out “Allah Akhbar” [God is great] and stepped on the gas pedal,” Plesser recalled. “I drew the weapon of the civilian who was with me and shot the driver three times in the head. I think I did what is expected from every soldier and citizen.”

Seconds later, a police officer, Eli Mizrahi, climbed aboard the bulldozer and shot the terrorist again, killing him.

Plesser said that his brother-in-law David’s heroic conduct in March served as a role model. Shapira, who lives across the street from Mercaz Harav, heard the late-night shooting, ran into the building where two police officers were standing, took one of their caps and ran inside and shot the terrorist.

“I thank God who gave me and my brother-in-law the strength to do what we did,” he said, adding that his education in national-religious institutions and training in the elite Egoz unit served as the basis for his courageous conduct.

I think other then not buying anything from Jihadis and hiring Jihadis to do any work for you. the next best thing to do is pray and do mitzvahs (commandments from the torah). Israel is only around due to miracles from G-d. It is important to acknowledge this and do the right thing in order to ensure Israel’s safety.  

UPDATE: Anyone that think the “Palestinians” deserve to live in Israel should consider the celebrations in the terrorist neighborhood when they head of the news. These Jihadis need to be kicked out of Israel now. 

(IsraelNN.com) Dozens of Arabs from Tzur Baher began shouting joyfully when news came of the terror attack by one of their neighbors Wednesday, HNN reported.

The terrorist’s family members gathered in his house. One of the women of the family ululated with joy from a balcony, according to Nfc.



One Response to “Don’t employ “Palestinians” They will only kill you: Jerusalem bulldozer terrorist kills 4 in rampage”

  1. Keith said

    I’ve been checking out your blog for awhile, but this is the first time I’ve left a comment. I was so sad and angry when I saw this story the other day. It really pains me. Israel belongs to the Jews. The so-called Palestinians should be sent to Jordan and the other Arab countries. They do not belong in the land of the Jewish people. That’s the only way to end this. There can be no peace with them. They don’t want land for peace. They want Jewish blood. They want to wipe Israel off the map. You’ll never have peace with people like that.

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