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Obama hates White People Listen to him say it in his own words

Posted by avideditor on July 1, 2008

Update: My latest post on Obama: Obama will kill all the Jews: He will be worse then Hitler or Stalin


Not only is he a jihadi loving Marxist he also hates white people. He says so in his book and interviews. 

5 Responses to “Obama hates White People Listen to him say it in his own words”

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  2. Diana said

    This is so silly. Whoever created this video merely cherry picked out-of-context quotes. It’s pretty unrealistic to assume that Obama wouldn’t have felt the sting of racism during his youth, and reacted angrily to it. The question isn’t whether he EVER did so, but whether he was able to resolve those conflicts as he matured. And it’s very telling that the person who made this video couldn’t come up with one example of Obama acting on this perceived hostility. Not one.

    • In my opinion, Obama has does exactly what Jeremiah Wright, Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers and the rest of his radical America hating inner circle want him to do; destroy the white middle class by destroying their savings and the economy. He has done everything he can to further this agenda and 85% of the country has now turned against him. But, too late…….If he can take over health care and pass cap and trade, the deed is done. America will become a 3rd rate impoverished country with food riots and millions on the welfare rolls. The federal government, with obama et al in charge, will govern with likely a passage of marital law. It is fair to say that most of the whites who voted for “change” now are suffering a massive attack of buyer’s remorse.

  3. Dan Willis said

    I hope this racist communist bigot burns in hell someday. I have wondered all my life if blacks can be racist to, and they can. I think if obama committed a felony crime against a lady black people would still make up excuses to support him. If black people can mourn an entertainer like Michael Jackson who molests children than I guess there is no hope.

  4. Pat said

    I don’t support the dirty shit skin, but honestly this video was stupid. Did not hear him say anything remotely racist.

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