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Jon Stewart: Obama Spoke to the ‘Elders of Zion’ in ‘Hebe-Land’

Posted by avideditor on June 10, 2008

Update: The Infidel Bloggers Alliance has a interesting relevant story.  Jon Stewart – Anti-Semite?

Read the comment section for my view. 

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17 Responses to “Jon Stewart: Obama Spoke to the ‘Elders of Zion’ in ‘Hebe-Land’”

  1. Steven said

    I thought it was funny, not Antisemitic. I think you need to give comedians some leeway, even if they are liberal. There’s enough vicious Antisemitism out there to focus on.

  2. avideditor said

    steven I think using the term Heb and referring to AIPAC is anti-semitic. Just because Jon Stewart was born a jew, it does not mean he should be called out on promoting racism and conspiracy theories. I just wanted to point that out in this post. I guess just giving links doesn’t direct my readers to what I personally feel. I agree there are much worse things but I think that promoting conspiracy theories and ethnic slurs to get a cheap laugh is wrong, especially when a significant % of his watching audience may not believe the Elders of Zion was just a made up hoax propagated by anti semites to gain political gain.

  3. Steven said

    I can see your point, and looking at it a second time, I realized the only line that made me laugh was the bit about McCain, “when you go to Israel, you don’t have to bring your own Jew.” The stuff about not being able to criticize Israel, insinuating that the “all powerful Jewish lobby” would torpedo any hopes of getting elected, plays right into the hands and belief system of the typical Israel basher. Reminds me why I never watch his show.

  4. AZ said

    You criticize Jon Stewart for making jokes about Jews as a comedian (this is a very important point, he is a comedian. He admits openly that nobody should be using his show or comedy as a source of morals and knowledge of world events / politics. You must understand context is very important). However you make negative generalizations about Arabs and Muslims while presenting yourself as a source of serious, factual information. Like you, Stewart made false generalizations about a group of people (none of which were nearly as negative as the ones that you make), yet you criticize him – and this is where your hypocrisy lays .

    Your lack of proper judgment is shown even more clearly by you not realizing that Stewart is presenting himself as comedian, while you present yourself as a source of facts. Even if I give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are outraged because Stewart is making a making a joke about a group of people, not just specifically Jews, then why did you not show any outrage by the Black jokes that he made? And why do you post editorial cartoons that make fun of Muslims and Arabs? (All of which I think is fine depending on the context).

    I hope that this website is itself a huge joke, if not, then your lack of critical thinking skills and ignorance blows my mind. It saddens me that you and so many others can be so hateful without proper judgment. I could write pages about the many problems with this site, however, I do not have the time.

  5. AZ said

    So you delete message?
    I break you flimsy foundation and the only thing you can do is hide, only further shows your lack of good thinking skills. You should learn how to deal with some criticism; didn’t think you were too much of coward to hide away from strong argument.

  6. AZ said

    hmmmm… my comment seems to be back,
    If it was a glitch, please ignore the last message
    If not, thank you

  7. avideditor said

    Uhh there is a difference between spreading conspiracy theories like “the elders of Zion” and comedy.

    I only post those cartoons to jihadis and Osama bin Laden so if you are not a jihadi or Osama I don’t see why you are complaining.

    I don’t think my blog says anything where muslims are evil. I have no problem with muslims that are not jihadis.

    This website is not a joke but It does take a bit for me to approve your comments. Sorry for the delay once I approve the delay is removed.

  8. Anonymous said

    I just came across this site by accident. Avideditor, do you even know the significance of jihad outside of your Western-tainted mind? I’m a Mexican Catholic in California, and I still know that jihad is a propaganda word, the real significance is deeply religious and spiritual. Do not be fooled, you are racist and are continuing the long Western tradition of seeing the Middle East in terms of Orientalism, a colonial inheritance. Open your eyes good sir, Muslims and Jews lived peacefully in the lands now conquered by Israel’s Millennial Holy War before it was taken from Palestinians by the West after World War II. Know your history, America and Western Europe have committed atrocious acts just the same as terrorists. When Palestinians kill Israeli civilians, it is labeled terrorism, when Israel kills Palestinians civilians, it is called collateral damage, yet they are both the same thing. Across the world, people see what is happening from the outside, but I know how hate is easily perpetuated in the isolation from both sides. Just like blacks and whites fought because they wanted to remain separate, this is racial and religious segregation if nothing else. Like I said, I have no hate against Jews or the religion, or Muslims and Islam, I just read beyond the newscasters and pretty politicians. Politicians usually want to create a world for the rich and powerful on the backs of the poor and powerless, no matter where you are. Unfortunately, civilians are caught in the middle of these power struggles. You should see the world in these terms, Zionism was founded on the ideals of socialism. Like I said, I’m just a poor Mexican Catholic who grew up in a California ghetto, but I would defend the rights of Palestinians and Jews to exist, and any other group of people for that matter. As long as people don’t forcefully impose their beliefs, there should be no problem with different religions in the same land.

  9. avideditor said

    Hey Aniymous, Did you really read this site? Why do you not support Israel’s right to defend itself? I know my history but I would not compare the mistakes that the west has done since WW2 to terrorism. Why do you? Zionism may have a socialist root but it is different now. It is good to read past the bias of the MSM but the question you have to ask your self is why are you siding with Jihadis that would kill you in a second.
    Avid Editor

  10. Anonymous said

    I do not side with anyone who kills innocents, and I do support Israel’s right to defend itself. I also have great empathy for the plight of the Jewish people and the suffering they have gone through. But the sealed in Palestinians are forced into these camps, and Israel should not do to others what has been done to its people in so many places. You must also realize WHY the U.S. supports Israel, it is a geo-political conflict against non-Western powers. It is no coincidence that Russia’s public support of Palestine (timed after the war in Georgia) prompted a response from America’s strongest ally in the area, Israel. I just want you to see, it is not Us vs. Them, it is We. We suffer at the hands of power seeking politicians, big businesses, and preemptive violence. I will also tell you that I have a degrees from the most prestigious public university in the the world, so these statements can be backed with evidence and case studies. This is about power politics, and Israeli soldiers are put in the line of fire in the name of something closely resembling “lebensraum.” I apologize if that is an offensive analogy, but these matters affect my country, America, and the world very deeply. That is why I care. I do not support murderers, but there is something called Just War Theory, which Israel and the U.S. have claimed they have followed, but they fail at conducting a war on terms that are based on humanism and proportional responses, instead adopting a method of aggressive expansion masked by the language of national security. This is all very Orwellian, if you have not read 1984, you should. America created a phantom enemy after the fall of the Soviet Union to justify its military presence around the world, unfortunately for the average American, the world has come to realize how much this phantom is a political construction that plays upon our fears. I will also tell you that my roommates for the majority of college were Jewish, some of my closest friends are Jewish, but they share my point of view. Jon Stewart is not just a comedian, he is America’s court jester. He can shout for all of us, the emperor has no clothes!

  11. avideditor said

    I read 1984 twice but I think the enemy now is real. Do you not think that? 1984 is a good book. I used to watch Jon Stewart. I used to think he was funny. But Jon Stewart lost it IMHO. He is leading people in the wrong direction.

  12. Anonymous said

    There are organized people who commit violence, but don’t you wonder why they commit this violence? Why they are willing to die for their land just like so many Israelis die defending theirs? The enemy of Al Qaeda was a fabrication, a scapegoat used to justify the millions in aid funneled into a military-industrial complex and allies like Israel (America gives it more than any other country). Jon Stewart is not a leader, he never said he was, but he is a critical thinker. Why is it wrong? He says what most Americans my age are thinking. Him and Stephen Colbert are geniuses and very much needed at a time where America is so close to becoming a police state. Americans everywhere fear this, that our country will turn fascist in its efforts to combat terrorism (which many of us can see our imperial in nature, not self-defense). Just to let you know too, Obama might be reluctant to reduce our support of Israel, but know this, there will be many angry letters demanding that he do just that.

  13. DJM said

    #12 – your comment is the perfect example of ignorance. If you think the issue is about land, then I suggest you do a little research. The root of arab hatred for Israel has nothing to do with land. That is jus an excuse perpetuated by the mainstream media to the clueless sheep who take their word as truth. You are incapable of thinking for yourself so you take the word of the press which has proven time again it favors terrorists with photo manipulations and half-truths and biased lies.

    Do you honestly think the Mumbai terrorists were acting on behalf of Palestine? How about the terrorists who shot hundreds of children in the back at Beslan? Do you think that was about Palestine?

    Arabs have hated Jews long before the state of Israel was ever conceived.

    Why do you justify violence against innocent people? And don’t say you don’t. When you legitimize terrorism by repeating the absurd notion of “occupation” and at the same time ignore the truth behind the intolerance and hatred, you embolden terrorists. You are no better than those savages who cut the heads off innocent civilians or put on a suicide vest and blow up a pizza parlor.

    Before you come here mouthing off about the violence in Gaza, at least have a vague knowledge of what fuels the hatred of the Palestinian people. I’ll give you a clue, but I doubt you have the intelligence or the desire to explore the truth. Pick up a quran.

  14. Anonymous said

    TO DJM:

    You fail at life. Me and AvidEditor here were trying to have a decent conversation when you came in with your fundamentalism. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been “Anonymous” this whole time, for reasons that there are people like you. Why do you assume I accept mainstream media? I don’t. I take all sources with a grain of salt, from Tel Aviv to Al Jazeera to BBC to New York Times. What you have in your case, is someone who needs to get laid and stop posting angry rants to strangers. The Quran can be read in many ways, just like the Bible. Which is also true of all religious texts. All the answers aren’t found in books, and yes I have read on the subject. I do not like to speak on matters I do not research. And ignore what I say if you want to, but like I said before, I’m someone with nothing to gain in this matter, I’m just speaking my mind. My girlfriend has been getting mad at me for replying to this board, and I really wanted to have a conversation with AvidEditor, but you just make me want to barf in your mouth and stop you in mid-sentence. Good day sir!… I said good day!

  15. DJM said

    Wow, what an intellectual response! Not one hint of fact, just regurgitated liberal fantasy.

    You do accept the MSM and liberal slant or you would know the conflict between Israel and Palestine is not about “land” as you asserted in your last post. I also notice three out four “sources” you mentioned are “news” organizations that clearly have an antisemetic agenda and have time and time again reported false terrorist propaganda! Kudos for you and “all” your sources! I bet you also depend on CNN for your political news.

    And the fact you think, like most soon-to-be-dhimmis, that the “holy” book of the “religion of peace” can be read in many different ways again demonstrates your complete ignorance in the subject. The quran cannot be read in many different ways. It is considered the literal word of god and must be taken in that sense. The ‘prophet’ muhammad – a rapist, murderer, slave-master, hate-mongering, child-molester, – is considered a perfect example for men to follow. That isn’t an opinion of muslims, that is a fact stated explicitly in the quran. (And how many ways do you want to take that?)

    The quran states without ambiguity or question to kill non-muslims until they convert or submit. How many ways do you want to take that?

    The quran states that men are OBLIGATED to beat their wives if they stray from islam. You can try to excuse that abhorrent command by rightfully pointing out that that is a last resort, but really, is it right at all to physically force another human to your beliefs? But that is in the quran.

    The reason islamic terrorism continues to exist, even more so than the actions of a so-called “tiny minority” of muslims, is because idiots like you are constantly and ignorantly defending the death cult. Even more infuriating than muslim cowards who attack in mobs defenseless civilians are cowards like you who would gleefully allow the latest PC fad to control your mind even as they lead you to slaughter. You deserve to be a dhimmi. You certainly don’t have the courage to stand up for your beliefs.

    As for commenting here, this is Avid’s blog, not yours. So, unless Avid informs me that my comments are not welcome, you can take your immature South Park insult “barf in your mouth” and shove it up your dhimmi ass.

  16. avideditor said

    Hey Anonymous why is your Girlfriend mad that you post your comments here?
    DJM feel free to post your comments but you know that I do not think all followers of Islam are evil like you but maybe I am just ignorant.

    Anonymous do you really believe that Al Queda did not do 9-11? Do you really support Hamas?
    Look how much the US gives in “Aid” to the muslim countries in the region. The last I looked they added up to be much more then the “Aid” the US gives to Israel.
    Did you read the other post I have made on this site? If the worst that Obama does is turn his back on Israel, I would be surprised.

  17. DJM said

    Avid – I don’t think all muslims are evil either, but I do have to question the intelligence and the morality of people who voluntarily choose to follow a ‘religion’ founded by a proud an admitted child molester, an enslaver, a rapist and a cold-blooded murderer.

    Muhammadan muslims call their “prophet” the most perfect example of a man ever to walk the earth. (The quran even says that) When you learn about muhammad’s history and some of the most horrendous, evil acts he committed, it is clear that islam’s perfect man is not the same, but exactly opposite, of the perfect example put forth by the Bible.

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