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Barrack Hussein Obama is a false prophet

Posted by Rodan on June 8, 2008

There is a cult forming around Obama and it is scary. People are passing out at his rallies and now people are saying he’s “An Enlightened being”. Here’s a story pushing this falsehood.

Is Obama an enlightened being?

This is really dangerous talk from a Judeo-Christian perspective. From time to time God sends down Prophets like Moses or Isaiah. They never claim to be superior to the rest of us, just that God is speaking to them. The clown who wrote this piece Mark Morford is claiming Obama is an enlightened being. An enlightened being? God create mankind and Angels. Is he implying Obama is an Angel? If so Obama is a Fallen Angel. He’s not spreading the word of God. He wants political power. He’s also claiming that he will solve the entire world’s problem. This leads to one conclusion. He’s a False Prophet.

Obama isn’t claiming a mission from God, if so why is he trying to achieve political power? When God send prophets it’s to go against the political system and to encourage a turn to God. Obama isn’t doing that. He’s claiming he will solve all the world’s problems. This makes him a False Prophet at best a False Messiah/Anti-Christ at Worst. A religious cult is forming around him and the media defends him no matter what. This is reminiscent of another False Prophet. This other False Prophet promised he would solve all the problems in the world. He claimed to be leading the world into a New Age. His name: Adolph Hitler. Beware of False Prophets both Christiana and Jewish Last Days Prophecies state: That False Prophets would roam the world. Beware America, beware!


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