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Nancy Pelosi thinks Iran is behind our success in Iraq instead of the cause of trouble

Posted by avideditor on May 30, 2008

Pelosi sounds more like the speaker of the house in Iran. Despite sharing opposite values in everything except for a shared hatred of America, Pelosi gives the people that are funding and supplying most of the insurgency credit for the success of the surge. Iran is trying its best to kill as many of our heros as possible but Pelosi is in la la land. Libtards like her are allowing Iran to build nukes and kill our soldiers. Bomb Iran now before it is too late. Iran is going to sneek a nuke into the US and blow up a major city and try to nuke Israel the second it gets the bomb. Time is ticking. Someone really needs to check the sanity of some of the people running our government. The thought of Pelosi being 3rd in line for the presidency scares the hell out of me. 

Konservo has the audio of the speech on his site but I don’t agree with his thoughts on Pelosi pandering to the Israelis. Saying she is behind more talks does nothing to stop Iran from nuking Tel Aviv. Keep in mind Israel is just the little Satin to the loons in Iran. Big Satan is the USA. Iran controls Hezbollah which has sleeper cells in North America and Military bases in South America. The only solution is to bomb Iran before they bomb us. 

Commentary has a more scholarly analysis. It is from the editor who wrote. The Case to Bomb Iran Have any of my readers read Podhoretz’s World War IV? I have been wanting to read it. Does it have any mind blowing insight or is it already dated?


Pelosi Credits Iran’s “Goodwill” for Surge Success

In an interview yesterday with the San Francisco Chronicle, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi claimed the U.S. troop surge failed to accomplish its goal. She then partially credited the success of the troop surge to “the goodwill of the Iranians,” claiming that they were responsible for ending violence in the southern city of Basra.

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Fight terror by buying Hybrids: The best Hybrid Commercial Ever!

Posted by avideditor on May 30, 2008

Fight terror by buying Hybrids is a great idea. This is the best hybrid commercial ever! To bad they are not going to air it. It is sad that people are so scared of the myth that global warming caused by humans will destroy the world, instead of being scared of the real threat to the world, Radical Islam. 

HT Muqata

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The Investigative Project on Terrorism: How The American Media And National Muslim Political Organization Support Terrorism, Murder And Genocide

Posted by avideditor on May 30, 2008

I just recieved this in my email. From the Investigative Project on Terrorism It is a must read.


When you don’t recognize evil, denounce evil, resist evil, fight evil, you become dangerously close to being evil.

That is the unfortunate situation where we find many important players in American society, including the mainstream media and the major national Muslim political groups. This does not bode well for America’s ability to fight and win the war against Islamo-fascist terrorism that now threatens the survival of the free world. That’s so because of the important role played by the mainstream media in shaping public opinion and public policy and because the essential role that the majority of Muslims must play in bringing the minority of the extremists within their ranks under control.

You don’t see much discussion of this in the mainstream media as those that control it simply do not see the evil of terrorism and Islamo-fascism, as they should and as any rational observer does.

This sorry state of affairs was made crystal clear in an article by Steven Emerson, one of the nation’s leading experts on international terrorism and national security. The article appears in the publication Counter Terrorism: The Journal of Counterterrorism and Homeland Security International (Summer 2008).

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SCREW CAIR: Don’t change the term “The War on Terror” Mark Levin explains why terminology is important he says call it the war on Islamo-Nazis

Posted by avideditor on May 30, 2008

Mark Levin in his May 29th show talks about how it is import to use the term “The War on Terror” Mark Levin explains why terminology is important he says call the war on terrorism by its name. He explains how semantics is important and how they are trying have a war on words to destroy us. He also suggest to call it “the war on Islamo-Nazis”. He starts talking this 3 minutes into his great show. I totally agree with him.
He responds to the comments made by the Home Land Security worker Charles Allen. He talks about how CAIR is for the terrorist. He give the great remark “The more terrorist bastard we kill the better I feel.” He illustrates the point with more clarity then I have read else where. You can download it here. It is free. It is great. You should check it out. 

UPDATE: Mark Levin Fansite has more and a more direct link to the audio, which now bellow. 


During his commencement address to Air Force Academy graduates on Wednesday, President Bush made a fairly uncontroversial declaration. “The war on terror,” he said, “will dominate your military careers.”

But will it always have the same name? This morning in Financial Times, the Homeland Security Department’s top intelligence official became the latest prominent leader to say that the phrase should be dropped. “It is interpreted in the Muslim world as a war on Islam and we don’t need this,” Under Secretary Charles E. Allen said, adding that it spreads “animus” far beyond the enemy.

And dumber:

The global war on terror has become a thinly veiled excuse to wage a global war on Islam with increased arrests of Muslims, calls for regime change in Muslim countries and racial profiling, according to a leader with a national Islamic organization. “The tactic of terrorism—and yes it is a tactic, not an ideology—has been deployed by a multitude of groups of different religions, ethnicities and ideologies and yet the Islamic faith, unlike any other, is erroneously and incessantly associated with terrorism,” said Dr. Parvez Ahmed, a national board member of the Council on American Islamic Relations. “The association of a faith practiced by 1.2 billion people worldwide to terrorism creates the perception that the GWOT is a war against Islam.”

Here is Mark Levin tonight responding to the DHS’ Charles Allen, CAIR’s Parvez Ahmed, and all the fools whose “war over words” undermines our fight against the global jihadists:

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