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Obama Adviser Brzezinski Says Jewish Lobby Practices McCarthyism: More evidence of Obama’s hatred of the Jews

Posted by avideditor on May 27, 2008

Here is more evidence that Obama hates the Jews. We need to prevent this anti semite from bamboozling the American people into electing him.  I found this story at Yid With A Lid


Brzezinski is someone I have learned an immense amount from”, and “one of our most outstanding scholars and thinkers–Senator Barack Obama

The march of of Senator Obama’s Anti-Jew crew continues:

A foreign policy expert consulted by presidential hopeful Barack Obama has accused members of the American Jewish establishment of “McCarthyism” in its attitude towards critics of Israel. Former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski says that the pro-Israel lobby in the US is too powerful, while the slur of anti-Semitism is too readily used whenever its power is called into question.

Presenting a solution for the Middle East, he listed historical compromises that had to be made by Israelis and Palestinians but accused the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) — the largest and most influential lobby group — of obstructing peace efforts. He said: “AIPAC has consistently opposed a two-state solution and a lot of members of Congress have been intimidated and I don’t think that’s healthy.” Source

It is interesting that Obama adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, is using anti-Jewish stereotypes to make his point. What he doesn’t realize is that Jews welcome criticism (it helps us with our daily ration of guilt). What we don’t welcome are the stupid stereotypes which bigots like Brzezinski use. That secret cabal of the Jewish lobby making all of the US foreign policy decisions. There is no Jewish lobby, believe me if there was my wife would have it painted. 

Brzezinski even lied about the real facts. AIPAC does support the two state solution, it may not agree with the Israeli government on everything but there is a list of Pro-two state solution documents on its website. 

Zbigniew Brzezinski, as you may remember, was part of the Jimmy Carter administration (no surprise). And is a foreign policy adviser to Barack Obama. Folks Do I see a trend in Obama advisers, or is this one of those guilt by association things? Senator, tell me again how you support Israel, I love tall tales.

4 Responses to “Obama Adviser Brzezinski Says Jewish Lobby Practices McCarthyism: More evidence of Obama’s hatred of the Jews”

  1. sweetangel16175 said

    hatred of what?
    come on! hes not muslim!

  2. avideditor said

    Obama hates Israel and Jews. Just look at his pastor and who he hangs around.

  3. sweetangel16175 said

    they are just trying to bring obama down, you wont do it because hes much stronger than that!

  4. euandus2 said

    In my view, when a sacred cow lobbies for another country, something is wrong. I think real leadership risks reelection to take it on. I recommend the following post on the blog: http://euandus3.wordpress.com/

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