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Will they block this site in Gaza?

Posted by avideditor on May 18, 2008

It seems as while Osama Bin Laden is calling to end the gaza blockade, their leaders are creating a virtual blockade themselves.  I have been getting a couple of hits a day from Gaza. I wonder if this is one of the site that is going to be blocked.

Islam’s inability to deal with critiques reflects their own insecurities. It seems like they know there jihadi philosophy is built on lies so they try to avoid people from waking up.  

Hamas Blocks ‘Licentious’ Websites

(IsraelNN.com) Hamas leaders in Gaza have announced plans to block “licentious” websites from Gaza computers. A telecommunications official said Sunday that at least 5,000 sites had been blocked so far. However, he said, many sites deemed inappropriate would remain available due to a lack of proper equipment to block all of the sites on Hamas’s blacklist.

Gaza has seen a crackdown on people and institutions seen as “un-Islamic” over the past several months, including bombings of cafes, hairdressers, and pharmacies and attacks on the area’s small Christian community. A Christian school was bombed on Friday. A Gaza City cafe was bombed on Sunday morning, leading the owner to complain that his establishment “has become Sderot.”

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