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Dennis Prager on Bush’s Israel speech and Olberman’s rant

Posted by avideditor on May 15, 2008

Bush gave one of the best speeches ever in Israel today. He points out the need to confront jihadis and the importance of America supporting Israel. This seems to be pissing off the terrorist supporting candidate Obama to the point he lashed out at Bush using Marxist catch phrase. Dennis Prager does a great job talking about the issues. He starts by talking  Olbermann’s hate and lies in his most recent rant. Praguer starts playing Bush’s speech at the 4 minute point.   Listen to one of the best 15 minutes in radio.

5 Responses to “Dennis Prager on Bush’s Israel speech and Olberman’s rant”

  1. trajan75 said

    Bush should’ve been talking like this for the last 8 years. However his rhetoric doesn’t match his records. He’s a Dhimmi and an appeaser of Islam. He sold out the Lebanese to Hizb’allah. He doesn’t allow Israel to defend itself and he botch the War. He’s a loser a piece of scrap. I r4eally hate the Man!

  2. avideditor said

    okay Bush’s actions are not yet following his words. I think his speech in front of the keenest was one of the best speeches ever. Hopefully Bush will bomb Iran and redeem himself.

  3. melo said

    I happened to catch Olby’s rant. I laughed out loud when he (Olby) actually suggested that someone else (Bush) should shut the hell up.

    Why? Why did Olby leave sports? He used to sound sane… at least when he was talking baseball.

  4. avideditor said

    Melo have you seen Laura Ingraham’s take on Olbermann

  5. melo said

    Nope. I haven’t looked at much since I got back.

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