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Caroline Glick on her new book and Israel

Posted by avideditor on May 15, 2008

Caroline Glick on her new book and Israel
after talking about her book Caroline answers some questions about Israel. I think she presents the situation in Israel in the clearest and most interesting way. She post all her columns on her blog. 


One Response to “Caroline Glick on her new book and Israel”

  1. S Jenkins said

    Great job! Ms. Glick deserves far more video exposure.
    In video, Ms. Glick questions the ‘conventional wisdom’ currently guiding the West, i.e, to pressure Israel to surrender legal Jewish communities surrounding holy Jewish lands in the West Bank- in order to establish a hostile state of the global Jihad (dedicated to subjugating non-Muslims through violence and conquest). Palestine evidences its unworthiness, she states, by Hamas’s custodianship of Gaza – utilized not wage peace, but to wage a 2-year, missile war against Israeli cities and towns.

    Would you please enter your email address in the subscription field on DemoCast so I may contact you directly?

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