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The next Holocaust is coming sooner then you think: Pack your bags before it is too late

Posted by avideditor on May 2, 2008

Sorry blog readers for not updating my blog this week. Last sunday I walked by this horrific event. It was set up in a major walking intersection where tens of thosands of people read the anti semitic lies. You might think it is just Anti Zionistic but even the state department came out with a report on how Anti Zionism is anti semitic

         Well I see the righting on the wall europe is now like Germany in 1938 for Jews and America is in like Germany in 1936. I think we reached past the threshold point. Enough lies are being spread about Israel and the jewish people in the media, learning institutions, and religious groups to poison the minds of several generations with hate. I can no longer talk to one of my best friends from college due to having him see no problem with Iran getting a nuke and his anti Israel views. 

   Every passover we say “in every generation they rise up against us to destroy us.” I never thought that to be true till now. Too many people think Revered Write and Carter are right. Rice talks about making parts of Israel Jewish Free zones it will be only a couple of years the way thing are going now before that starts happening here.  

  The sad thing is there is no place to really go. Olmert wants to trade jewish land and give terrorist guns so they have land and weapons in order to kill more jews on. Just look what happened to the disengagement from Gaza. The definition of insanity is making the same mistake over and over again and not learning from it. But I guess Israel is the safest place in the world to go now, despite Iran putting tons of its resources in developing a nuke to destroy Israel and the oil nations in funding terrorist to try to destroy it. 

  Well I guess that is enough for my rant. Hopefully after shabbat I will build up enough energy to try to blog and finish up a video I have been editing. I just don’t see much hope in turing the tide and saving the western world from turning into an Islomo-fasicist state or nazi like backlash from letting the jihadis infiltrate and try to take over this once great nation. I believed in America until we lost the power to even call our enemy what they are, jihadis. 

  I hope I am wrong but I am tying up lose ends because I see another holocaust in Europe and America soon. 


36 Responses to “The next Holocaust is coming sooner then you think: Pack your bags before it is too late”

  1. Elya Katz said

    The first link doesn’t work, at least not for me….WHAT horrific event???

  2. avideditor said

    Elya It looks like they updated there web page here is the new link http://www.ceia-sc.org/page2/page20/page20.html Thanks for giving me a heads up.

  3. elyakatz said

    Have you been keeping up with what Shabak is doing to Torah observant Jews in Israel? You’re right, there seems no where to go this time around…

    email me…

  4. […] Posted by avideditor on June 4, 2008 America is no longer safe. The anti-Jewish sentiment is taking over street protests and attacks against the Jews are occurring in Los Angeles, England, and New York City. Anti Semitism is rising through the main stream media bought out by oil money. It is time for the Jews of America to move to Israel and prevent Olmert from selling out Israel before there is going to be no place left for us.  I stand by my earlier post The next Holocaust is coming sooner then you think: Pack your bags before it is too late […]

  5. Anonymous said

    “Pack your bags”? Where the hell are you going to go? Back to Israel? Fine, get out of my country–maybe we won’t have to listen to you whine about how “anti-Semitic” us Americans are. (FYI: I don’t see myself as anti-Semitic, though I am sure you will label me as such. I am anti-Christian, anti-Muslim, anti-every religion–more wars have been fought over religion than for any other reason, ever. Look at how well us Atheists get along. When was the last time you saw one of us killing another Atheist with the fact that they were Atheist in mind?)

    • Ronnie Safreed said

      Anonymous at least in Judeo/Christian lands, you atheist have a right to believe in atheism like America & the West & even Isreal where 35% of the Jews are secular/non-religious! However in muslim countries atheist(infidels) are beheaded like Jews & Christians! BTW during the Russian/Afghan War of the eighties the mujahadeen called the Russian/Soviet soldiers not Christian but infidels because of communist inspired atheism! In communist countries where atheism was promoted, the living standards were not as high as in America & the West where Judeo/Christianity is predominant! North Korea has no Jews & few Christians & that country has always been & still is a communist worker’s atheist “hell-hole”! Even fortune telling there has died out in N.K.! BTW the Bible was put back in Russian schools after the fall of the Soviet-Union & communism in 1992 after being banned 75 years during communism! Now students will memorize over 600 Bible verses by graduation! This was done because the post-communist government saw how Christianity was part of Russian culture going back to Vladdimir the First in 989 A.D.! Russia back then almost went muslim !

  6. danica said

    HI, YOU PUT MY THINKING IN YOUR VIDEO . I just found you thank you danica

  7. elyakatz said


    Better version:

    Hello again…so, how do we get out? We can’t manage to sell our homes. Hitch a ride? I’m in agreement with you. It’s time to go, but…this is really an honest question. Logistics…we need help with the logistics.

  8. avideditor said

    HI Elya Katz,
    I think things are getting really bad fast. Check out Nefish B’Nefesh: http://www.nbn.org.il/index.php . They will set you up with a free ticket to Israel and help you with finding a new house and job placement. I think there is enough time to be able to sell your house her. The market right now is bad, but not that bad. I think right now we are at a turning point in history. Do what you can to make a difference. I just think it will not be safe in the United States in the next year or two if current trends continue. Merets Hashem things will work out. But I think it is safer to get out before it is too late. Every day things are getting worse. I never expected to hear new like this from someone leading in the polls to be the next president https://avideditor.wordpress.com/2008/07/25/obama-will-not-try-to-prevent-another-holocaust

    But honestly, I am waiting to move to Israel till things get resolved with Iran. I fear self-hating jews like Olmert will not do what is necessary to prevent Iran from nuking Israel. I think the news that the FCC is going to limit flights to Israel is scary. I think there are evil motivations behind it. It sounds like they are trying to restrict movement out from Israel.

    Man makes plans, and G-d laughs. But only through following torah and doing mitzvahs can we be safe. But I think we need to move out of here before we are lead again like sheep into ovens.

  9. muman613 said


    I think you mean the FAA and not the FCC in your post…


  10. avideditor said

    Uh I mean the FAA above. You can read more about it hear. I am thinking about what to say before I blog it. http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2008/07/faa-to-cut-back.html

  11. avideditor said

    Thanks Muman. Do you agree with the sentiment of my comment?

  12. muman613 said

    I think that things are rough, but I dont think things will change as radically as you foresee. I’ve been around for many years and seen all kinds of scenarios, and every time we thought it was the end of the world, it wasn’t.

    It is possible things are going to change. But I am not afraid either way.


  13. avideditor said

    you don’t think they are going to start rounding up Jews here. Don’t you see the anti-semitism of the left. Isn’t Obama refusing to answer a question about his willingness to prevent another holocaust eery. I think the Jewish people are no longer safe in America. I think we are going to be rounded up or suffer programs sooner then you think. The times they are changing for the worse.

  14. elyakatz said


    So, what are we supposed to just abandon our unsold homes? Do you think it’s THAT serious.

    I have a friend who thinks if Obama is elected, Jews will be practically giving their homes away. BTW, Nefesh b’Nefesh is a great organization, but they don’t help Jews who’ve moved BACK to the US from Israel and now want to return. Well, they do, but not nearly as often.

  15. avideditor said

    Elyakatz I think if G-d forbid Obama gets elected we still have a year or two to get out before things get that bad. I might be wrong but these are my thoughts. I hope you are having an easy fast.

  16. Bill said

    I do believe this time many more Christians wlll stand with you

  17. Bill said

    “Look at how well us Atheists get along. When was the last time you saw one of us killing another Atheist with the fact that they were Atheist in mind?)”

    Wow I guess you know nothing of communist history; whether we are talking about the USSR,Cambodia,China etc. . Your remarks are simply ignorant; though I am not questioning your intelligence. Besides modern history Atheism has typically not been the stated belief system of nations or its peoples. Give atheism a few centuries by itself and its history will be just as bloody. In fact one could make the argument it already has been that way with Communism and if you count the Nazi’s party unique form of agnostic nationalism well I guess you get the idea. It is all about the nature of men/s society/cultures ,the corrupting influence of power, and other factors…..

  18. avideditor said

    Thank G-d they did last time. But not enough; Alot of Jews where saved. Thanks. I would rather not suffer the same fate at the Jews of Warsaw; I hope I am wrong. But I get a feeling in my Gut that it is going to happen again soon here. I love life. I don’t want to die. I think it is no longer safe to be Jewish in America especially since Obama was elected. Stalin in my view killed more Jews then Hitler.

  19. LalA said

    wow…i think that everybody needs to asses one thing at a time…just chill. God has his will in mind and whatever happens happens according to his divine plan whether we like it or not. even if its not what we want….as believers we need to follow him through persecution and trials and know that it will be ok.

  20. Raymond A Kassler said

    America is being infiltrated by Islamic Arabs settling in this land. Threw these Arabs Anti-semetism is being spread throuhout the USA. So the next Holocaust could be start by this Arab influence.

  21. Steve Stevenson said

    The Bible says we reap what we sow.

    • elyakatz said

      Yes, the Tanach principle is midda k’negged midda — measure for measure. That principle cuts both ways. So, what sort of justice awaits the nations who have hounded, persecuted and murdered Jews for no good reason for the last 2000+ years, especially those who glory in it, brag about it, point their fingers at us because of it??

      Zechariah 1:14-16, 2: 1-4

      Call out, saying thus said HaShem, Master of Legions: I have become zealous for Jerusalem and for Zion, a great zeal; and I am wrathful, a great wrath against the complacent nations, who, when I become slightly wrathful, augmented the evil. Therefore, thus said HaShem: I have returned to Jerusalem in mercy; my Temple will be rebuilt in it – the Word of HaShem, Master of Legions – and a plumbline will be stretched out over Jerusalem.

      Then I lifted my eyes and looked, and behold four horns. I said to the angel who was speaking to me, “What are these?” And he said to me, “These are the horns that dispersed Judah, Israel and Jerusalem.” HaShem then showed four carpenters. I asked, “What are they coming to do?”

      And he spoke, saying, “These horns that dispersed Judah, until no man could raise his head – so these have come to terrify them, to cast down the horns of the nations who raised the horns against the land of Judah, to disperse it.”

  22. Dan Brown said

    I am a Christian and I believe you are correct. There will be another holocaust against the Jews and America will be part of it. If I were a Jew I would do everything in my power to return to Israel while I still could. I wish I could go with you because I love God and I know Israel has a wonderful destiny ahead of it.

    The coming holocaust will not only be against the Jews but it will also be against the righteous Christians who will not submit to a Hitler-like government. The Obama administration seems as if it is trying to rebuild the Nazi order. He is very charismatic. He focuses on race. He is taking control of the banks, industry, energy, health care and the media. He wants total control of everything. No other president has ever grabbed for power like he has. He associates with the most radical types of criminals and extremists. He places no value on life whether it is the unborn or the elderly. Why should we believe he would have any problems exterminating troublesome Jews or Christians if they refuse to cooperate?

    I think the same evil spirit that drove Hitler is also driving Obama. It is as if the devil has a plan to take over. He tried it in the 30s and 40s with Hitler but he was blocked. He is trying to set up the same type of senerio again with Obama as the evil racist dictator.

    America has fallen spiritually and this time there is no other Christian nation to stand against the evil. The Messiah will be the only one who can put an end to the next holocaust! (Zech 12:9-10)

    The time is comming when we will have to chose who we will serve. I am not saying Obama is the “anti-christ” but he is philosophically on the same page as him.

    I know that this post will put my name on some sort of enemies list but I don’t care.

    I will stand with God and Israel regardless.

  23. Yuval said

    “Holocaust Trauma” offers a comprehensive overview of the long-term psychological effects of Holocaust trauma. It will cover not only the direct effects on the actual survivors and the transmission effects upon the offspring, but also the collective effects upon other affected populations, including the Israeli Jewish and the societies in Germany and Austria.




    • daniel said

      Please, explain, what do you mean by:



  25. jews give me PMS said

    For all the goyim blood and wars your rothschilds and their whores George Soros and Madeline Albright caused, you should all be in George’s court for jew attacked goyim in the Hague. Stripped, scourged, humiliated and crucified.

  26. Mike said

    Looking at the events of the past couple of years, I am afraid that you might be right. However, I do not think America will be directly involved. America is beginning to lose its influence as a world power, I think the next rising world powers will not be friendly to Israel. I hear that Germany is now friendly Israel but considering history it would be foolish to view them as a friend. Look at what is happening in Egypt, Mubarak is about to be overthrown and its likely radical Islamic fundamentalists are soon going to conquer Egypt. To make matters worse, Egypt is far more powerful from a military standpoint than it was in 1967 and 1973. And most crazy of all is the US government is backing and supporting the revolution which is not in Israel nor America’s interests. I cannot see how the situation would improve with Mubarak out of the picture, he is no saint but has been consistent in keeping Egypt on peaceful terms with Israel. This is indeed a scary turn of events. This is really disturbing what is happening right now, I cannot sleep at night anymore.

  27. alex m. said

    ok so the fact that USA is losing power in the world may be the beginning of a new holocaust, wasn’t it beacuse of a crisis that Hitler was able to focus people’s worry and anger towards Jews back then>, so the lost of power, the financial crisis, the social decay calls for the government to do something and when it cant be done, once again, fingers will be pointed at the “guilty’ ones of such crisis…maybe not only Jews but other races as well… Hopefully, and I hope with all my heart that there will also be, once again people willing to sacrifice themselves to save others, young people like myself who would rather fight than sitting and waiting to be killed along with their families, hopefully we have learned from the past Holocaust, notice, not the first since there have been more in history, to not just be bystanders… if Underground existed back then, it must exist now, and then you wouldnt think there would be need for us to be thinking about this, you would think history would not repeat itself when it comes to us being robbed of our humanity time after time… to what false misconseption do we owe to call ourselves “humankind”?, for there is nothing more unhuman than our kind, and nothing more aunkind than humans…

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  29. Sheena said

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  30. bizarre said

    The only country practicing Holocaust is Israel .Israel tortures children and arrests them . And when the child is killed no one questions the Israeli . You need to look in to yourself . During the Holocaust a lot of Muslims had helped their Jewish friends by risking their own lives , today the Jews thank the Muslims by killing them, destroying their homes and life . The only country that practices apartheid is Israel . Any way God watches and he knows best .

  31. anoni said

    No. The next holocaust won’t be of Jews. Many white’s believe Jew’s run many things “Behind the scenes” but don’t believe they are as much of an immediate issue as Islamic Extremism. According to Theodore Herzel (Father of the state of Israel), before WWII, Jews in Europe lived in impoverished ghettos and were seen by Europeans as lazy, drug using scum not valuable to productive society, a dead-weight waiting to be cleaned out. There were many discontents among the Jews blaming the Europeans for their state and as WWI came to a close with Germany’s banking and financial system collapsing under war debt, taxes began to rise and many Europeans became fed up. Nationalists believed that this collapse was in part due to Jews with institutional power intentionally running down the system and poor Jews abusing government welfare to their advantage thus sucking the monetary system dry.

    By getting rid of the lazy Jews, they believed the old way of life would return and the banking system would self recover along with the assistance their “Hard Work”. Rising tensions came first as Germany became more nationalist and the final straw was Hitler’s burning of the Reischstag which was falsely blamed on the Jews, this gave full incentive to kill every last one of them. Today there are a new group of “Jews”. George Soros, a Jew who collaborated with Nazi’s turning in other Jews during WWII stated that the Muslim’s are the new Jews and he couldn’t be more correct. 9/11 pitted a new paranoid fear in the hearts of Anglo Americans and Europeans that someone new is out to destroy them. With America’s financial system crumbling due to war debt based on the closing “War on Terror” American’s are beginning to place the blame of America’s crumbling system on supposed Muslims possessing institutional power, namely Obama, the first black president.

    The rest of the blame placed namely on the possibility of domestic Arab terrorist violence and welfare programs abused by black people sucking the system’s revenue dry. Now with the war on terror closing, America is suffering the economic repercussions, people are stressed out, a new world war is brewing between the East and West, and domestic white nationalism is again making a furious rise as it always does during wartime. Racial tensions are rising with the most notable race riots such as the Ferguson riots and black lives matter being funded entirely by Nazi Collaborator George Soros (Over 33 Million Dollars paid to protesters) and many black people converting to Muslim lifestyle and the Nation of Islam which is led by possible government cohort and plant Louis Farrakhan (He should have been arrested/assassinated for some of his statements but he’s alive and well which is abnormal). The grey area of racial/religious tolerance is quickly dissolving and Donald Trump who has made his extreme views on Blacks, Muslims and Hispanics extremely clear is most likely to be the new presidential leader of the next surge of white nationalism.

    All that’s needed now is an attack by Muslims on America or black nationalist on American leaders and all Muslims/Arabs/Blacks/Hispanics will be fair game for Neo-Nazi’s and government/military FEMA concentration camps set up by Donald Trump, the racist “King Alfred Plan” and the “DHS Endgame plan”. This holocaust will make the first one look like a walk in the park and it’s easy to tell Blacks/Arabs from White’s/Jews not to mention government technology can track anyone’s movements anywhere at any time. Afterwards, like post-holocaust Jews, the few surviving blacks/Arabs/Muslims will probably get fed up, start acquiring power and establish a new homeland/safe-space for themselves. Understand the past to see the future as history repeats and there’s nothing new under the sun. It’s coming soon whether you want to believe it or not, what are you doing to get ready?

  32. john d said

    In America there are about 100,000,000 victims of Jewish genital mutilation. Tolerance of this crime against humanity is a main cause of the next reaction against the Judaic evil.

    The basis for both Judaic and Islamic evil is male genital mutilation. Jews collectivism and Muslim submission are ways of justifying the barbaric violation of basic human rights. The characteristic mentalities come from the different timing, ritual, and cultural aspects of the mutilation.

    When my generation was mutilated is was almost universal and we did not have this easy access to information so we grew up with the lie that it was normal to be mutilated. The current generation of American boys is half mutilated and will have easy access to information as well as see what their intact friends have. This will build into rage the likes of which the world has never seen.

    If we are to avoid the next holocaust we must drop the political correctness. We have to ban Jewish and Muslim religious practices. The 1st Amendment in the US Constitution is no barrier to this because infants and children are not freely exercising religion when someone cuts part of their penises off.

    This is not a problem of rogue states. It is a problem of us tolerating evil done to others, to the most helpless members of our society. When this happens it will be a global grassroots phenomenon.

    Faced with a choice of offending adults or violating children, we have chosen to violate children. If we don’t make an end to it the way the Chinese ended foot binding the retribution will be terrible.

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