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A music video about Sedrot

Posted by avideditor on April 23, 2008

Hopefully the Israeli people rise up soon and stop the injustices of the Israeli government is inflicting upon the people by not going after the terrorist. Unfortunately, it looks like the inept government has just re-opened the border with Gaza and is now supplying the terrorist with fuel to fire more rockets at innocent people.


2 Responses to “A music video about Sedrot”

  1. konservo said

    O/T –


    WordPress has added a new feature that will add links from blogs that WordPress thinks are related to your post.

    This means if you have the word “Martyrdom” or “jihadist” in your post, WordPress might link to a propaganda site! That’s what they did to me.

    You have to go to your dashboard to turn it off:

    Dashboard —-> Design ——> Extras

  2. konservo said

    This song reminds me of something that could be off of Tupac’s last album “Makaveli”

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