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Puppet Show From Hamas TV Shows Child Stabbing Bush

Posted by avideditor on March 31, 2008

The “Palestinians” are showing the US who they truly are, jihadis. I just hope the US sees this so it stops trying to make Israel give up power to the “Palestinians” which are really just like the 500 million other arabs around Israel and they move there instead of letting them live on more jewish land.

Yes I know this is Hamas TV not from Fatah but Hamas did win the elections and most “palis” support Hamas and there agenda.

Puppet Show From Hamas TV Shows Child Stabbing Bush: “

He also said that Bush is impure and for that reason is not allowed into the White House because ‘it has been turned into a great mosque for the nation of Islam.’

These are people to whom we send hundreds of millions of dollars in humanitarian aid and want them to have a state of their own.

And the $64K question is: What does CAIR have to say to that?

(FOX News) A children’s puppet show featured on Hamas TV shows a child stabbing President Bush to death.

‘Who are you to come here and threaten me?’ Bush says in the puppet show video. ‘You are on my own turf, you little child, you. Get out.’

The child tells Bush that he killed his father in the Iraq war, which made him an orphan.

‘I have come to take revenge with this sword — revenge for my mother and my sisters,’ the child puppet says. ‘You are a criminal, Bush.’

Click the image to view the video

‘I will kill you, Bush, because that is your fate,’ the child says before stabbing Bush repeatedly.

The show aired on Al-Aqsa TV on March 30.

(Via Eye On The World.)</

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