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Anti Semitism on Think Progress

Posted by avideditor on March 30, 2008

Check out the new site think progress watch by clicking the link bellow. Think Progress is a waste land of anti american and anti semitic thought that is run by Faiz Shakir who supports terrorism against America and american interest abroad. He accepts saudi funds to run think progress a site that brainwashes people to hate America. It has been rumored that he recruits members from Think Progress into terrorist cells. So check out Think Progress watch and find out what our enemy is doing to try to create a 5th column here.

Anti Semitism on TP: “


TP allows Antisemitism at TP!

2 posters # 2 kdoug and #8 Katy,have called Liebermann, LIEbermann. Reapeating an Old Anti-Semtic accusation of lying Jews. TP I see you and Stormfront share posters!

Click the link above to see!

(Via Think Progress Watch.)</

2 Responses to “Anti Semitism on Think Progress”

  1. trajan75 said

    No suprise ther!

  2. Testor said

    no surprise here…..lots of dust bunnies….that’s about it.

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