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Weeds on the Dome

Posted by avideditor on March 26, 2008

This is proof the only reason the jihadis care about the Dome of the Rock is because we want it. I pray every day that they abomination falls and the third temple will be built.

Weeds, part 2: “As a followup to my first Weeds post:

I just found another book showing a large number of photographs of Jerusalem and the rest of the Holy Land, these from 1904. Called ‘The Cruise of the Eight Hundred to and Through Palestine: Glimpses of Bible Lands’ it is a pictorial recounting of a trip of 800 Sunday School teachers to Palestine.It is fully downloadable in PDF format, as was the book I referred to yesterday.Here again is a scene of the Dome of the Rock, from a different angle, showing the steps to go into it (click to enlarge):Again, notice the huge number of weeds, even on the steps. Notice also what is not in the picture – people.In contrast, once again, here is a similar photograph of the Western Wall of the Temple from the same book:No weeds, lots of people. And the descriptions of the Wall in all of these books are similar, as the writers are struck by the heartfelt sadness that the praying people felt for the destruction of the Temple.The book includes hundreds of photographs and is a lot of fun to browse through.

2 Responses to “Weeds on the Dome”

  1. trajan75 said

    I’ve read this. Muslims don’t care about Jerusalem. They only make a big deal when Jews or Christians take it. It’s all fake.

  2. gdb3000 said

    How come we never hear anything about Islam’s second holiest site???

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