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BBC Lies About Bush Speech, Then Tries To Cover It Up

Posted by avideditor on March 24, 2008

BBC is trying to rewrite history by lying about Israel, spreading anti-semetic ideas, and make it appear that anyone that is willing to fight Radical Islam is clueless. It seems like they are rewriting some of their own reporting. It seems as if the BBC is modeling its propaganda practices on 1984, while promoting Radical Islam, the biggest threat to liberty in our time.

BBC Lies About Bush Speech, Then Tries To Cover It Up: “

1Exhibiting a thoroughness worthy of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth, the BBC has been busy erasing all traces of the corporation’s blatantly dishonest reporting of President Bush’s speech on the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion.I’ll provide a quick recap for anyone who’s new to the story…On Wednesday the BBC reported the speech under the headline ‘Bush speech hails Iraq ‘victory’‘. The headline was supported by the following sentence in the story:He said recent troop reinforcements had brought about ‘a major strategic victory in the broader war on terror’.However, this isn’t what Bush said. What he said was:The surge has done more than turn the situation in Iraq around – it has opened the door to a major strategic victory in the broader war on terror.‘Opened the door to’ is obviously very different to ‘brought about’ – the BBC’s own words. The deceitful editing of the story, and the equally deceitful headline, were clearly designed to expose the President to the ridicule of the BBC’s viewers around the world, by creating the impression that he was once again prematurely declaring victory in Iraq, as he was ridiculed for doing back in 2003.I wrote my first post about the story on Thursday, and emailed a few of the bloggers I read on a regular basis. Charles at Little Green Footballs linked, and by Friday morning – almost certainly as a result of word of the LGF post reaching the BBC – the headline on the story had been changed to ‘Bush says Iraq invasion was right’. However, the misleading sentence mentioned above was still in the story, and the ‘Bush hails victory’ headline still appeared on a video of the speech.By this time the dishonestly headlined, mendaciously edited BBC story had been displayed prominently on the website for two days. With the site attracting around 13 million unique viewers per week, we can safely assume that several million people around the world saw the report of President Bush ‘claiming victory’ in Iraq.As I noted in my second post (linked by Pajamas Media) the BBC’s ‘Have Your Say’ thread on the story was filled with comments hostile to President Bush and the US, with many commenters citing and ridiculing the ‘victory claim’ which Bush never made. At least two commenters called for Bush and Tony Blair to be hanged, and this in a ‘fully moderated’ thread. Here’s one of those comments:1Late on Friday night/Saturday morning I emailed the BBC, using the comments form provided on the website (here – it’s not too late to let them know what you think), to point out that the deliberately misleading sentence remained in the story, and the inaccurate headline remained on the video clip; I also sent links to mine and Charles’s posts. I received no reply from the BBC, but by lunchtime on Saturday the story had been corrected, and the headline on the video clip had been changed.I stupidly didn’t think to screen-grab the headline on the original story – to be honest I didn’t expect the BBC to correct it – but after it was changed I did screen-grab the video player. Here’s the original version, with not one but two references to Bush ‘hailing victory’:1And here’s the ‘after’ version, with the first reference corrected and the second deleted:1It’s inconceivable that the headline and sentence which created such a misleading impression of Bush’s speech were simply ‘editing errors’. I used to work as a sub-editor on a daily newspaper in the UK, and a story as important as this would one have been seen by perhaps six different journalists before the paper went to press.I’ve no doubt that at least as many BBC journalists would have been involved in putting together the Bush story, and senior ones too. The BBC is fat with British taxpayers’ money, and its news-gathering operation is probably the best-resourced and most over-manned in the world; they wouldn’t have farmed this job out to the intern.The journalists who edited the report knew exactly what they were doing. They had access to the full transcript of the speech, and the video. They cut-and-pasted, or typed out, Bush’s ‘incriminating’ words. It’s clear that the decision to manipulate his words, and to headline the story with a lie, was approved at a high level.Even for a news organisation with an undisguised political bias, the manipulation of a key speech by such an important figure would be despicable behaviour. The BBC’s actions are made worse by the fact that it maintains the pretence of impartiality, although anyone familiar with its reporting on issues from Israel-Palestine (see also this story) to global warming knows this isn’t the case.As I wrote in my second post, the BBC is trusted by, and influences the opinions of, millions of people around the world, and such influence demands a similar degree of responsibility. It’s one thing to ‘bash Bush’, but the BBC’s selective and biased reporting on the war on terror can only embolden the jihadists and their state sponsors (anyone who seriously doubts there’s a link should read this), while simultaneously undermining the political and public support that US, British and allied troops so desperately need.Read the rest of this article at The Monkey Tennis Centre blog.”(Via avideditor’s shared items in Google Reader.)

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