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Terror Attack: Rabbi Stabbed

Posted by avideditor on March 18, 2008

Terror Attack: Rabbi Stabbed: “

While the media spent time reporting the supposed danger of Rabbis and their religious students plotting revenge after the brutal Merkaz HaRav yeshiva attack (since found to be baseless), the real danger continues.

A Palestinian stabbed a Haredi rabbi in the neck in Arab East Jerusalem on Tuesday, but medical workers said his wounds were light and not life-threatening.

A police spokesman confirmed that the attack, near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City, was politically motivated.

The Zaka emergency service said the rabbi, 49, was walking with a bodyguard in Jerusalem’s walled Old City, where his seminary is located, when he was attacked. The bodyguard gave chase but the attacker escaped, leaving behind a blood-stained knife.

I’m surprised the palestinians haven’t yet come out with a claim the attacker was acting in preemptive self-defense, given the demonization of Rabbis and religious figures in the last week or so.

Meanwhile, a sober warning via Ynetnews:

The Shin Bet security service has recently received seven warnings regarding possible attempts by terror organizations to carry out attacks over the Purim holiday this weekend.

‘Any Israeli holiday is a sensitive period, as terror groups’ motivation to launch attacks is especially high during this time,’ a senior security official said. ‘Therefore, the alert level of the entire security establishment will be very high.’


(Via avideditorla’s shared items in Google Reader.)

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