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Abbas Reveals Plan To Ruin Israeli 60th Anniversary – 3 Million Palis Camped On Israel’s Borders

Posted by avideditor on March 18, 2008

I hope this goes as poorly as Hamas’s attempt to break the boarder. More great commentary from Holeger Awakens.

Abbas Reveals Plan To Ruin Israeli 60th Anniversary – 3 Million Palis Camped On Israel’s Borders: “

Well, it’s official. The Palestinian Authority’s head honcho, Mahmoud Abbas has finally gone completely and utterly mad. Israel’s 60th Anniversary is coming up in May – look at this excerpt from the article here at DEBKA that describes Abbas’ plan to spoil the Israeli celebration:

The Palestinian leader has circulated guidelines for three million Palestinians to leave their homes on the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon on May 14 and march on Israel’s borders, including the Green Line. The march is to take place a week after Israel’s Independence Day on May 8, 2008. If Israel obstructs their passage, they will strike camp and live in tents until Israel surrenders and lets them through.

You know, this is supposed to be the World’s champion for Middle East peace calling for this keystone kop circus in May. This is the dude that Condi Rice, Olmert and half the Western World thought was going to get the job done in the peace process. I’ve said it all along that this guy is a bonafide terror leader. And now he’s lost what’s left of his fucking mind.

Now, read the introduction to Abbas ‘2008 Return’ manifesto:

The introduction goes on to state: ‘Neither the Jews nor the international community can stand against the desire of the Palestinian people to exercise their right of return to their homeland and to their homes, land, holy places [Jerusalem] and heritage.’

Now, let me say one thing here on a positive note. If you figure that 3 million palis will actually follow this order, they will all be massed at the Israeli border. Now, any rational Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah jihadist won’t go anywhere NEAR the Israeli border…so that means all of the civilians will be at the border and all of the bad boys will be staying back at home. See where I’m going with this? Yep. The Israelis seize this chance to fly over the civilians and hit every bloody mosque, office building and home that Hamas and the others are hiding in. No risks, no world outcry, lots of dead jihadists.

Hey! Maybe we should thank Abbas for this brilliance?

Abbas Goes on the Warpath, Tries to Steal the Show from Hamas

DEBKAfile: This motion is dredged up from the past as though history had stopped at that point and the subsequent 60 years of Arab belligerence, endless conflict and further UN resolutions had never happened. Another part of the same resolution appointed a Conciliation Committee to establish contact with the parties and assist them reach a final settlement of outstanding questions. This part was buried under decades of Arab rejection.]
The introduction goes on to state: ‘Neither the Jews nor the international community can stand against the desire of the Palestinian people to exercise their right of return to their homeland and to their homes, land, holy places [Jerusalem] and heritage.’
[DEBKAfile: Mahmoud Abbas incidentally lays claim to Christian as well as Muslim holy sites – therefore also Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee sites.]
The introduction is followed by a set of instructions to Palestinian communities, of which seven are the most relevant:
1. All returnees must attach the UN resolution and refugee card on their chests.
2. All returnees must bring their tents and other goods with them. If obstructed by Israeli forces from reaching their land, they must set up their tents on the border and stay there until Israel surrenders and allows them to cross.
[The plan is to deploy hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in tent cities indefinitely on all of Israel’s borders.]
3. Jewish friends are called upon to assist in resolving the Palestinian refugee problem.
4. Arab governments and friends all over the world are called on to support the logistics of the operation.
5. Palestinian holders of foreign citizenships, especially US and European, are to charter planes for flights to Israel or neighboring countries on May 14, 2008, as well reserving passage on tens of ships to dock at Israeli ports on this date.
6. Personal invitations will be extended to all world leaders for their support.
7. Kings and leaders of Islamic countries will be invited, as well as members of the Israeli government and Knesset. Special invitations will be sent to the US president and members of the Senate.
The document ends with an appeal to the Arab nation, especially the Saudi King Abdullah, to support the operation politically, diplomatically and materially.
DEBKAfile’s Palestinian sources report that Mahmoud Abbas intends to submit his ambitious master plan to the summit of Arab rulers meeting in Damascus March 29.
There is no knowing how much support he will win from Arab governments or whether the different Palestinian communities will rise to his call. The whole plan may simply fold for lack of response – or not. Abbas’ main objectives appear to be to upstage the warlike Hamas and throw a wet blanket over Israel’s anniversary celebrations.

(Via Holger Awakens.)

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Methodist storybook indoctrinates children against Israel

Posted by avideditor on March 18, 2008

Methodist storybook indoctrinates children against Israel: “From the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle (h/t Solomonia)

The book, ‘From Palestine to Seattle: Becoming Neighbors and Friends,’ is billed as a ‘storybook on Israel and Palestine’ for children 6 through 12. This is no benign Sunday school text, however. It is a well-crafted bit of propaganda that portrays Israeli security checkpoints as the cause, not the result, of Palestinian violence. This message is underscored by the teacher’s manual marketed along with the storybook.

The storybook describes adventures of two children from Seattle — Allison and Matthew — whose father, a Protestant minister, has just returned from a visit to Bethlehem.

…When Allison and Matthew see a checkpoint for themselves as they travel to Bethlehem, they are ‘shocked to see a barricade across the road, with sandbags and barrels lining the street. Looking up they saw a soldier with a gun sitting in a watchtower!’

The image accompanying this part of the story shows five soldiers standing around the van in which Allison and Matt are riding and a sixth soldier standing in a guard tower nearby. The image of barbed wire, guard shacks, sandbags and menacing armed soldiers surrounding a brightly-colored van filled with innocent children is reminiscent concentration camps in Eastern Europe in the 1940s.

…The lesson then ends with this coda [in the teacher’s guide]: ‘Remind the children that when people are denied things that they believe everyone should have, they feel bad and sometimes become angry, too. Invite the remaining children to get juice and grapes from the refreshment table.’

The implication is undeniable. Suicide bombings — which are not described anywhere in the either the storybook or the teacher’s manual — are the consequence of Israeli checkpoints, which deny the Palestinians ‘the things that they believe everyone should have’ and in turn make ‘people feel bad and sometimes become angry.’ The impression the children are left with is that if the Israelis took down the checkpoints, Miriam, the young Israeli would no longer be frightened of bombs going off in her neighborhood.

FrontPage Magazine described the same book last month and it is even worse than described here:

The Arab boy, Tarek, has never been to McDonald’s because the closest one is in Jerusalem, and travel there requires a pass by the Israelis. Naturally, the American children are disturbed. In an ongoing pen pal exchange, Tarek asks the American children why their country thinks all Palestinians are terrorists. The Americans are embarrassed. They summon up the nerve to ask Tarek why passes are needed to travel to Jerusalem.

Tarek responds that Israeli soldiers require passes, and that Palestinians without them are turned away, whether they are going to their jobs, or to hospitals. ‘How can people be so unfair?’ the American children ask their pastor father. The father is unsure how to answer. But he helps them begin another correspondence with a little Israeli girl, who recounts that her cousin, an Israeli soldier, has been imprisoned for refusing to guard the ‘checkpoints’ because ‘they were wrong and they were hurting people.’

Apparently, there is only one side to the story according to the Methodists, and it is identical to the side of the people who hand out candies when Jews are blown up.

(Via avideditorla’s shared items in Google Reader.)

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Posted by avideditor on March 18, 2008


Condi has nothing on Iran as they race to build a nuclear arsenal. No plan. Gotz. Shes got nothing on the NORKS  as they race to nuclear arm Syria and Iran and who the hell knows who else. Shes got nothing …………so her leagcy will be the funding and arming of Islamic jihad under the auspices of a bloody, deadly, ‘peace’ process. This headbanging has gone on long enough. How many Jewish kids, rabbis, believers have to die before the deadly reality of not backing Israel but backing our mortal enemies sets in?The Jews are not the problem. Nuclear armed Islamic regimes are the most frightening of all possible futures.Deconstructing the utter mess we are in begins we de-nuclearizing the North Koreans. Bolton has a plan…. is anyone listening?In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal Ambassador John Bolton writes:

At a minimum, President Bush should not bequeath tothe next president only the burned-out hulk of the Six-Party Talks, andcountless failed and violated North Korean commitments.

[Salvaging Our North Korea Policy]
David Gothard

Since they were conceived in spring 2003, theSix-Party Talks have stumbled around inconclusively. And for the last13 months, Pyongyang has ignored, stalled, renegotiated and violatedthe Feb. 13, 2007 agreement.Throughout all this ‘negotiation,’ which has mostlyconsisted of our government negotiating with itself, North Korea hasbenefited enormously. It’s been spared the truly punishing sanctionsthat concerted international effort might have produced. In large partbecause of the appeasement policies of the two previous South Koreangovernments, Pyongyang has not felt the full impact of theProliferation Security Initiative (PSI) on its outward proliferationefforts. The U.S. has muzzled its criticism of North Korea’s atrociousoppression of its own citizens. And, perhaps most humiliatingly of all,the U.S., in a vain effort at chasing the mirage, gave up its mosteffective pressure point — the financial squeeze — allowing Pyongyangrenewed access to international markets through institutions like BancoDelta Asia.In fact, the protracted Six-Party Talks have providedKim Jong-il with the most precious resource of all: the time toenhance, conceal and even disperse his nuclear weapons programs. Timeis nearly always on the side of the would-be proliferator, and so ithas proven here. In exchange for five years of grace to North Korea,the U.S. has received precious little in return.Pyongyang is now stonewalling yet again on its promiseto disclose fully the details of its nuclear programs, including itsuranium enrichment efforts and its outward proliferation. Thesuccessful Israeli military strike against a Syrian-North Koreanfacility on the Euphrates River last September highlighted the gravityof the regime’s unwillingness to do anything serious that mightrestrict its nuclear option.

Nuclear arming of Islamic regimes. The worst of all possible scenarios.

President Bush should spend the next 10 monthsrectifying the Six-Party concessions and put North Korea back underinternational pressure — efforts that would be welcomed by Japan, andSouth Korea’s new, far more realistic President Lee Myung-bak. Here arethe steps to take:– Declare North Korea’s repeated refusal to honorits commitments, especially but not exclusively concerning fulldisclosure of its nuclear programs, unacceptable. This is theeasiest step, and the most obvious. It can happen immediately. Acceptno further partial ‘compliance,’ as the State Department continuouslytries to do. Make public what we know about the Norths Syria project,and its uranium enrichment and missile programs, so our 2008presidential candidates can have a fully-informed debate.– Suspend the Six-Party Talks, and reconvene talks without North Korea.Although the talks could be jettisoned altogether, continuing themwithout the North allows Japan, South Korea and the U.S. to beginapplying real pressure to China, the one nation with the capacity tobring Pyongyang’s nuclear program to a halt. China has feared to applysuch pressure, worried that it could collapse Kim Jong-il’s regimealtogether — an accurate assessment of the regime’s limited stayingpower. Nonetheless, the effect of Chinese reticence has been topreserve Kim and his nuclear program. It is vital that China know thispolicy is no longer viable.– Strengthen international pressure on North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.Ramp up PSI cooperation with South Korea. Remind Russia of its ownvoluntarily-assumed obligations as a PSI core member. Remind China aswell to comply with the sanctions imposed on North Korea by U.N.Security Council Resolutions 1695 and 1718 (which followed the North’s2006 ballistic missile and nuclear tests), and honor its othercounterproliferation obligations. Tell them we will be watching withparticular care, and that Chinese failure to increase pressure on NorthKorea will have implications in Sino-American bilateral relations. Wecan make this point privately to China rather that trumpet it publicly,but it should be made without ambiguity.– Squeeze North Korea economically. Return theregime to limbo outside the international financial system, and step upaction against its other illicit activities, such as trafficking inillicit narcotics and counterfeiting U.S. money. These and other’defensive measures’ are nothing more than what any self-respectingnation does to protect itself, and the U.S. should never have eased upon them. Even now they can have a measurable impact on Kim Jong-ilsweak and unsteady regime.– Prepare contingency plans for humanitarian relief in the event of increased North Korean refugee flows or a regime collapse.Both China and South Korea have legitimate concerns about the burdensthey would face if the North collapsed, or if increased internaleconomic deprivation spread instability. America and Japan should makeit plain that they will fully shoulder their share of providinghumanitarian supplies and assistance if either happened. Moreover,President Lee should increase pressure on Pyongyang — by reiteratingthat South Korea will fully comply with its own constitution and grantfull citizenship to any refugees from the North, however they maketheir way to the South.Doubtless there are other steps. President Bush willnot likely be able to solve the threat posed by North Korea’s nuclearweapons program. Nonetheless, he still has time to implement policiesthat will allow him to leave office with the nation back on offense –thereby affording his successor the chance to vindicate a return to theoriginal Bush administration national security strategy.

OT but related: Anybody know if McCain is talking to Bolton? I mean really.

“(Via Atlas Shrugs.)

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Abbas Threatens End of Peace Talks And Hints At ‘ New Option ‘

Posted by avideditor on March 18, 2008

Check out this great commentary from Holger Awakens.

Abbas Threatens End of Peace Talks And Hints At ‘ New Option ‘: “

Imagine that…the PA’s Abbas making threats! What a joke this character is – he’s had most of the West fooled now for years. This moron is a terrorist through and through – he’s basically Yassir Arafat with a cleaner cut mug.
Well Abbas has sent a warning to President Bush and Secretary of State Rice that if Israel’s Olmert doesn’t make concessions by April, he will end peace talks and look at a ‘new option.’ That new option of course means Abbas takess off his mask of fake negotiations and fully supports his own plan of all out terroristic attacks against Israel.

Let’s face it…Abbas is finding himself between a rock and a hard place. He is seeing how bold Hamas has become in the past three months and how Iran is dicatating life in his very own land more and more, and at the same time, he knows that the days of Bush and Rice are numbered. He is hedging his bets and it appears that next month he is betting on the fact that Iran will hold the cards in the Middle East. The best thing that could happen to Israel would be for Abbas to follow through with this threat – it’s my contention that Israel has been handcuffed by Condi Rice’s failed dream of a peace process and that is why Israel pulled back from further destroying Hamas recently. With Abbas declaring a war in April, Israel can throw their hands up and say that’s it. That is if Olmert will actually finally give up on his appeasement plans.

Here’s the full story from DEBKA.

Exclusive: Abbas threatens to quit peace talks, revive Fatah terror

DEBKAfile’s Washington sources report that Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas has put President George W. Bush and secretary of state Condoleezza Rice on notice. He has sent them a warning that he means to break off peace talks with Israel unless prime minister Ehud Olmert comes through with concessions by April. After that, he says, the Palestinians may weigh ‘alternative actions on the ground’ – a transparent threat for his Fatah organization to revive the Palestinian ‘uprising’ (terror campaign) against Israel from the West Bank.
DEBKAfile’s Palestinians sources note this is Abbas’ second threat to reignite the Palestinian-Israeli war launched by Yasser Arafat in 2000. Two weeks ago, he told the Jordanian A Dustour , that while he prefers negotiations for now, he does not exclude an alternative option in the future.
Our Washington sources disclose the Palestinian leader’s conditions for the dialogue to continue:
1. The Israeli prime minister must meet Palestinian demands for concessions.
2. Foreign minister Tzipi Livni must satisfy her Palestinian opposition number Ahmed Qureia’s demand for a final list of Israeli concessions on the core issues of borders, refugees, Jerusalem and water.
3. Israeli must halt all construction in Jerusalem and the settlements forthwith.
According to DEBKAfile’s Middle East sources, Abbas’s ultimatum was timed to profit from three forthcoming events:
First: US Vice President Dick Cheney’s visit on March 22. Palestinian officials will emphasize to him that they have run out of patience with Olmert and that some American arm-twisting is needed to make him more forthcoming.
Second: The forthcoming Arab League summit on March 29 in Damascus. Abbas is jockeying for a position that will upstage the Gaza issue, which is high on the summit’s agenda, and steal the thunder from radical Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal’s triumphal performance. For this, he needs a more radical platform than tame submission to the US-sponsored peace line.
Third: A fighting stance would pave the way for reconciliation talks with Hamas on the formation of a Palestinian unity government. This would be applauded by all the Arab rulers present.
For Abbas, time is running out with his own people. A new Palestinian popularity poll in mid-March placed Hamas prime minister of Gaza Ismail Haniyeh in the lead – 47 percent to the PA chairman’s 46 percent. Significantly, Haniyeh gained 10 percent in popularity after Hamas smashed the Gaza-Egyptian border wall and escalated its missile onslaught on Israel.
Fourth: The Palestinian leader is under fire from his own followers for letting Israel celebrate its 60th year of statehood in May without discernible progress toward Palestinian independence. The resumption of a Fatah-dominated terror offensive to mar Israel’s anniversary events might quell the dissatisfaction with his leadership.

(Via Holger Awakens.)

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Terror Attack: Rabbi Stabbed

Posted by avideditor on March 18, 2008

Terror Attack: Rabbi Stabbed: “

While the media spent time reporting the supposed danger of Rabbis and their religious students plotting revenge after the brutal Merkaz HaRav yeshiva attack (since found to be baseless), the real danger continues.

A Palestinian stabbed a Haredi rabbi in the neck in Arab East Jerusalem on Tuesday, but medical workers said his wounds were light and not life-threatening.

A police spokesman confirmed that the attack, near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City, was politically motivated.

The Zaka emergency service said the rabbi, 49, was walking with a bodyguard in Jerusalem’s walled Old City, where his seminary is located, when he was attacked. The bodyguard gave chase but the attacker escaped, leaving behind a blood-stained knife.

I’m surprised the palestinians haven’t yet come out with a claim the attacker was acting in preemptive self-defense, given the demonization of Rabbis and religious figures in the last week or so.

Meanwhile, a sober warning via Ynetnews:

The Shin Bet security service has recently received seven warnings regarding possible attempts by terror organizations to carry out attacks over the Purim holiday this weekend.

‘Any Israeli holiday is a sensitive period, as terror groups’ motivation to launch attacks is especially high during this time,’ a senior security official said. ‘Therefore, the alert level of the entire security establishment will be very high.’


(Via avideditorla’s shared items in Google Reader.)

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