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Posted by avideditor on March 15, 2008

OBAMA’S REZKO SCANDAL IS BEGINNING TO SMELL WORSE: “Buried in all the reports of Barak Obama’s bogus explanation of the Jeremiah Wright scandal is the fact that the Illinois Senator visited the offices of the Chicago Tribune yesterday to give a bogus explanation about the Rezko scandal. You see the Senator first corrected the amount Rezko raised for his campaign (what’s $100,000 between friends). Then he says that he was duped by his buddy Tony:

Obama: I trusted Rezko

Rezko behind him, presidential candidate Barack Obama on Friday said he never thought the now indicted Chicago businessman would try to take advantage of him because his old friend had never asked for a political favor.

But in a 90-minute interview with Tribune reporters and editors, Obama disclosed that Rezko had raised more for Obama’s earlier political campaigns than previously known, gathering as much as $250,000 for the first three offices he sought…..

…After news reports of Rezko’s questionable political dealings first emerged in 2005, Obama said he asked his friend about them. Rezko assured him there was nothing wrong. ‘My instinct was to believe him,’ he said.

Gee if he can be duped by a Political hood in Chicago just imagine what Bashar al-Assad or Mahmoud Abbas will do to him. There is hope for the Senator, John Kass columnist for the Tribune was at the interview. He doesn’t think that Obama was duped…he thinks that he wasn’t telling the truth. I feel MUCH better now.

Obama opens up on Rezko, and it’s almost believable

John Kass

Barack Obama looked me straight in the eye. I heard him speak. Yet unlike some other pundits, I felt no thrill going up my leg.

I did feel a twinge of Rezko, though, and figured Obama could feel it, too, like when the bottom of your foot cramps up inside your shoe and you can’t dance.

That’s ‘hardball’ the Chicago way, as Barack visited the Tribune on Friday to discuss his old friend, fundraiser and real estate fairy, indicted political fixer Tony Rezko. Rezko himself was quite busy, in federal custody, preparing for this week’s testimony in his corruption trial.

Obama spoke at length about wanting to emerge clean from the cesspool of Chicago politics. He also spoke about his controversial pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose racially charged and radically anti-American comments Obama denounced without denouncing the man. There will be more to say on Wright and liberal media guilt and tortured Democratic formulations of race and gender in future days.

But I was focused on Obama and Rezko. I wanted to believe Obama, and almost did.

Afterward, we joked about smoking cigarettes together after the election—and promised not to tell our wives, since we’ve both quit.

If he is elected, he can smoke whenever, like a grown-up, even in the Oval Office, and I’d even lie to Congress about his smoking, just as long as President Obama keeps his mouth shut about me.

Later, when the people from other floors weren’t hanging in the halls like Bono groupies at a U2 concert, I was left alone with a problem: Obama asks us to believe he can swim in the sewers of Illinois politics without catching a cold. He tells us that Rezko helped him scope out his dream house, yet Obama never thought he’d get a call from Tony saying his back was itchy.

‘No,’ Obama said. ‘Because I had known him for a long time, and so I would have assumed I would have seen a pattern [of Rezko asking for favors] over the course of 15 years.’

I’m too old to believe in fairy tales.

At issue is the purchase of the Obama dream house on the South Side in 2005. The Rezkos bought the lot next door from the same owners on the same day, even as Tony was leprous with federal subpoenas. The Obamas paid $300,000 less than the asking price. The Rezkos paid the full list for the lot. Everybody was happy until Tony got indicted.

Was it a favor, with a bigger payout intended for later?

‘No,’ Obama said again, reiterating that I was wrong for writing that he needed Rezko’s help to buy his home.

Obama said he asked Rezko about the federal investigations, if Rezko had any problems, and Tony said no, and Barack believed it.

What will he say when Vladimir Putin of Russia asks President Obama to believe him? President Bush has already looked into Putin’s eyes, thought he saw a soul in there, and was greatly mistaken.

So I left half-satisfied, thinking Obama more naive than crooked, wondering what the Daleys of Chicago and the Kennedys of Massachusetts will do to him.

Obama was asked if coming out of the most politically corrupt city in America hinders his image as a reform candidate for the presidency.

‘Look, Sen. [Hillary] Clinton comes out of New York, and there are apparently some issues there as well,’ he said, chuckling about the flameout of Clinton’s superdelegate and soon-to-be-former-governor, Eliot Spitzer. ‘I think that all of you have been following my career for some time. I think that I have done a good job in rising politically in this environment, without being entangled in some of the traditional problems of Chicago politics.

‘I know that there are those, like John Kass, who would like me to decry Chicago politics more frequently.’

Just the corrupt parts, I said.

‘I’ll leave that to his editorial commentary, but I think it’s fair to say that I have conducted myself in my public office with great care and high ethical standards,’ he said.

Except for Rezko.

He did state, unequivocally, that if elected president, he would keep U.S. Atty. Patrick Fitzgerald as the federal hammer in Chicago, no small announcement given that Rezko is on trial and Obama ally Mayor Richard Daley is feeling federal heat.

Obama and Republican John McCain are the only presidential candidates who have formally committed to Fitzgerald. Hillary remains mum on the subject. Perhaps she and Bill hope to hold a federal carrot or a stick out to the Daley boys, should she win the Democratic nomination.

‘I think he [Fitzgerald] has been aggressive in putting the city on notice and the state on notice that he takes issues of public corruption seriously,’ Obama said.

Will this announcement on Fitzgerald harm your relationships with Chicago politicians?

‘I can’t speculate on that,’ he said. ‘You can.’

I disagree with his policies, but I like the man. And I almost liked his answers. Almost.

(Via YID With LID.)

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20 Years Ago Today… The Halabja Massacre

Posted by avideditor on March 15, 2008

20 Years Ago Today… The Halabja Massacre: “There are those who believe it was wrong to remove Saddam Hussein.
I disagree.

Dedicated to the people of Halabja who on March 16th, 1988 suffered the worst chemical attack committed by the Iraqi regime. On that day, 5,000 innocent civilians, 75% of them women and children, immediately perished. This was not the only chemical attack ordered by Saddam, it was just the worst- Halabja.

Kurdish father Omar Khawar and his infant son, victims of Saddam Hussein’s poison gas attack on Halabja, Kurdistan (Iraq), March 16, 1988. (Halabja)

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is participating in the ceremonies for the 20th anniversary of the Halabja massacre today. Al-Maliki will raise the curtain of a monument of martyr Omar Khawar. Khawar is a Kurdish man whose picture drawn as a man embracing his dead child killed by Halabj chemical gas attack in 1988, is known as the epitome of the massive human disaster- Aswat Aliraq.

Saddam Hussein authorized the use of the ‘special weapons’ against the Kurds.

Bloody Friday–
The Halabja attack, said to have involved mustard gas, nerve agent and possibly cyanide, killed an estimated 5,000 of the town’s inhabitants. The attack on Halabja took place amidst the infamous al-Anfal campaign, in which Saddam brutally repressed yet another of the Kurdish revolts during the Iran-Iraq war. Saddam is also said to have used chemical weapons in attacking up to 24 villages in Kurdish areas in April 1987.

-To the people of Halabja- Our prayers.

Bridget Johnson asks today at Pajamas Media: ‘Dear Demonstrators: How About Protesting Real Genocide?'”

(Via avideditorla’s shared items in Google Reader.)

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McCain Slams “Iranian And Syrian Terror And Tyranny”

Posted by avideditor on March 15, 2008

Vote McCain 08. If you don’t you are supporting terror and jihadis.

McCain Slams “Iranian And Syrian Terror And Tyranny”: “


Hussein and Hillary don’t have the guts to say shit like this. This is why we cannot allow either of then two in the White House. The Iranian theocracy and Islamic Revolution are a blight on the Earth and must be elimanated.

U.S. Republican Presidential Hopeful John McCain has accused Syria and Iran of paralyzing Premier Fouad Saniora’s government and lauded all Lebanese who reject the terrorism of Damascus and Tehran.
‘Those who are systematically killing Lebanese patriots and denying the Lebanese people their democracy must be brought to justice. I commend Lebanese of all religions and sects who reject Syrian and Iranian terror and tyranny and embrace the great principles of the Cedar Revolution,’ McCain said in a statement on the occasion of the third anniversary of the Cedar Revolution.

‘It has been over three years since former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was assassinated in the streets of Beirut. Following his murder, the Lebanese people came together in the Cedar Revolution, this saw its culmination on March 14, 2005,’ McCain said.

He said the mass demonstration ‘led to the demise of Lebanon’s Syrian occupiers, Iranian proxies in their midst, and the puppet government that denied them independence and freedom.’

McCain however lamented that three years after the Independence Intifada, ‘so much of this promise remains unrealized as the forces of repression stand firm against the prospect of a free Lebanon. Syria and Iran have reasserted their dominance and paralyzed Lebanon’s government, which earlier this week postponed election of a new president for the 16th time.’

The March 14 Alliance commemorated on Friday the third anniversary of the Cedar Revolution by issuing a political declaration in which it urged all Lebanese to live together peacefully in a sovereign, democratic, and modern state.


(Via avideditorla’s shared items in Google Reader.)

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Former Blair Aide: Talk To Al Qaeda, Hamas and the Taliban

Posted by avideditor on March 15, 2008

From Holger Awakens, one of the best blogs around.

Former Blair Aide: Talk To Al Qaeda, Hamas and the Taliban: “

Is this guy off his rocker or what? Jonathan Powell is a former chief of staff for Britain’s Tony Blair and this is what he has to say about sitting down with the most evil groups ever known to mankind:

‘(But) if I was in government now I would want to have been talking to Hamas, I would be wanting to communicate with the Taliban and I would want to find a channel to Al-Qaeda.’

In other words, this spineless wonder wants the western world to give in to terrorism. Powell apparently wants to say to the terrorists…’ you’re killing of innocent people across the globe has worked and we will reward you with negotiations.’ Bullshit. Now, a little background on Jonathan Powell – apparently he was a key figure in the brokered negotiations that brought a peaceful resolution years ago in northern Ireland. Big fucking deal! Is this chump really going to compare members of the IRA or Ulster Defense League with al Qaeda?

See, this is what seemingly rational western Christian white people don’t understand about the jihadists – the jihadists don’t want negotiation, they want your surrender and submission. The jihadists simply feel they are the true heirs to this planet and that islam is the ONLY way for mankind. How the hell do you negotiate with that? Radical islamists don’t want a chunk of land, they don’t want more money, they don’t want additional rights or freedom …they want your ass and your soul. In my view, you only enter negotiations when you have something you are willing to give up or concede – the islamists, the jihadists have NOTHING they will concede.

It’s fools like this guy, Powell, who set our anti-terror efforts back 20 years – pansies like this guy who think we are dealing with sane, thinking human beings. We are dealing with obsessed minions of Satan here and the only negotiation you have with them is with the business end of a 30mm chain gun.

Here’s the full story from Yahoo.

Talk to Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas: former top Blair aide

LONDON (AFP) – Western governments should talk to Islamist extremists including Al-Qaeda and the Taliban to end violence, one of former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s closest aides said in comments published Saturday.
It’s very difficult for democratic governments to do — talk to a terrorist movement that’s killing your people,’ Blair’s former chief of staff Jonathan Powell he told The Guardian in an interview.

‘(But) if I was in government now I would want to have been talking to Hamas, I would be wanting to communicate with the Taliban and I would want to find a channel to Al-Qaeda.’
Powell, who was in the post throughout Blair’s premiership from 1997 to 2007, is seen as having been a key behind-the-scenes figure in talks to bring about an end to sectarian violence in the British province of Northern Ireland.
London had been in secret communication with the Irish Republican Army (IRA) since the 1970s, which had been a key factor in eventually securing a peace deal in 1998, he told the newspaper.
He accepted though that ‘there’s nothing to say to Al-Qaeda and they’ve got nothing to say to us at the moment’ and there was also a problem of whom to talk to and about what.
‘But at some stage you’re going to have to come to a political solution as well as a security solution. And that means you need the ability to talk,’ he added.
The Foreign Office dismissed Powell’s suggestion outright.

(Via Holger Awakens.)

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