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Poor Arabs, being ruled by apes and pigs

Posted by avideditor on March 14, 2008

Post came from the elder I had missed this lovely speech given by an elected member of the PA parliament, Hamas member Fathi Hammad, on Al-Aqsa TV last January. It just has so much good stuff that it deserves a wider audience:

The wounded men have sacrificed themselves in defense of the honor of the Arab and Islamic nation, and in defense of the holy places. They have sacrificed parts of their bodies in order to stop the advance of the Jews, who want to uproot you. As you know, the Israeli flag has a star between two blue lines. They want to establish the state of Israel between the Euphrates and the Nile. The Jews want to invade Egypt and Iraq, to destroy Saudi Arabia, and to return to Khaybar.

This is a perfect example of Muslim projection. Muslims believe that every land they ever ruled must remain Muslim forever and that they will come back to conquer it. Since Khaybar was once a Jewish province in what is now Saudi Arabia, it is logical that Arabs think that Jews are pining to avenge their loss of that land to Mohammed in 628 – exactly like many Muslims ache to return to Andalusia, Spain.

Where is your valor? Stop being such cowards. The time has come for you to awaken from this deep slumber. The time has come for your honor, dignity, and valor to awaken. Where are you, Muslims? Are you monotheistic, or not? Are you Muslims, or not? Do you love Allah, or not? Do you love the Prophet, or not? As a sign of your love for Allah and the Prophet, you should sweep away the borders, which were created by imperialism.

Notice again that Hamas is consistent in not desiring a Palestinian Arab state but a pan-Islamic ‘ummah.

We are in need of weapons, we are in need of food, we are in need of moral support, as well as support by the media, economic support, medical aid, and support in weapons.

Notice the priorities! And it seems he mentioned one of those priorities twice, just to get the point across.

Therefore, oh Arabs, who number 300 million, you cannot allow yourselves to be ruled by four million brothers of apes and pigs. Where is your nobility? Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves? Where are you, oh Muslims, who number one and a half billion, yet you are ruled by four million brothers of apes and pigs?

The hilarious part is that he is describing himself as being ruled by the hated, despised and weak Jews, giving the Jews far more real power than they have ever sought themselves.

Where is your manliness? Where is your nobility? You stand there like women and do not lift a finger. What is the meaning of this apathy? What is the meaning of this cowardice? What is the meaning of this fear?[…]Your armies have become like women, who hide and cannot lift a finger. Your armies, tanks, and planes have become rusty.

The consistent posturing of masculinity is also funny. By putting the conflict in terms of manliness, he is admitting that Israel has made the Arabs look like women in comparison. This is of course a major source of their anger – their emasculation by the hated Jews – but for all of their bluster, they themselves admit it unwittingly in speeches like these. By trying to arouse an animal-like instinctive reaction from his listeners, he is actually insulting them and strengthening the case that they are in fact inferior. Rather than frame the fiery speech in terms of how good Arab culture and the Islamic nation are, he instead unwittingly tells his audience that they are failures, lower in the evolutionary scale than apes and pigs.This is really a great speech. Watch it to see his frothing anger as he accidentally admits that he and his people cannot compete in today’s world.

One Response to “Poor Arabs, being ruled by apes and pigs”

  1. hvreguru said

    I am encouraged to see that more and more people are taking the threat of “Islamicization” seriously. It is very much like the insidious way the Nazis took over Europe. Most people had their heads in the sand and could not believe it could happen to them and their country. Watch out world, it’s coming again!

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