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Israel Boycotts Al Jazeera (While YouTube Promotes It)

Posted by avideditor on March 12, 2008

Here is another great post from Charles at LGF.

Israel Boycotts Al Jazeera (While YouTube Promotes It): “

Israel has announced that they will embargo the jihad-supporting Al Jazeera television: Israel to boycott Al-Jazeera TV, claiming incitement to terror.

Israel has decided officially to boycott the Qatari-based al-Jazeera news station, because of what it perceives as biased coverage, a government official said Wednesday.

‘The Foreign Ministry has held discussions on the matter, and decided to embargo the station,’ Deputy Foreign Minister Majali Wahabe told Army Radio, adding: ‘These reports are untrustworthy and they hurt us, and they arouse people to terrorist activities.’

The foreign ministry intends to send a letter to Qatar in the coming days, explaining that the decision was made following an examination of coverage of recent Israeli military DF operations in the Gaza Strip. The boycott will include a general refusal by Israeli officials to be interviewed by the station, and a ban on Al-Jazeera correspondents from entering government offices in Jerusalem.

According to Israeli officials, the station is heavily biased in favour of the Islamic Hamas movement, which administers the Gaza Strip. The officials also accuse al-Jazeera of staging a candlelight protest that that followed an Israeli government decision last month to reduce electric and gas supplies to the salient in response to continued Palestinian rocket attacks on southern Israel.

And please note that this evil terrorist-supporting propaganda is being fed into the minds of American youths by YouTube: YouTube – AlJazeeraEnglish’s Channel.

(Via Little Green Footballs.)

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