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State Department Asks: Should the US ‘Engage’ the Suicide-Bombing, Genocidal Hamas Terrorist Gang?

Posted by avideditor on March 11, 2008

Charles from Little Green Footballs exposes how the state department is siding with terrorist again. The State Department has been aiding our enemies since the beginning of the Cold war. It looks like they are still at it. I hope McCain can clean up the state department.

State Department Asks: Should the US ‘Engage’ the Suicide-Bombing, Genocidal Hamas Terrorist Gang?: “

At their ‘blog,’ the United States State Department is seriously asking the question: Should the U.S. engage Hamas as part of its efforts to bring about peace between the Israelis and Palestinians?

Yes, that’s our State Department. The same State Department that lists Hamas as a terrorist organization, and penalizes US companies for dealing with them, is proposing that the government ‘engage’ Hamas.

Did I already say ‘Aaarrrrggghhh’ once today?

Sample comments from Foggy Bottom readers:

Hey, why bother with the time-wasting ‘engagement’ strategery? Why not just issue a public formal surrender now, to al Qaeda and Hamas and Hezbollah and the Iranians and the Saudi Sunni mob?

Sure, right after you’ve given Osama Bin Laden a tour of the Oval Office.

Are you kidding?

It’s absolute insanity to even consider such a proposal.

Would meeting and speaking to the rapist of your daughter help you, your daughter or the rapist?

And my favorite:

U.S. Congressman Mark Kirk in Washington, DC writes:

Worrying that you guys are asking questions like this using funds approved by the appropriations committee that I am a member of.

(Via Little Green Footballs.)

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