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Shoes With “Allah” On Bottom Latest Cause For Global Jihad

Posted by avideditor on March 11, 2008

What the jihadis complain about is laughable. I don’t know any other group in any time in history spread so many death threats over commics and shoes.

Shoes With “Allah” On Bottom Latest Cause For Global Jihad: “


For crying out loud…you know what it is with these people? They are too easily insulted.

These people taint the gene pool, I swear…

ALGIERS, MARCH 10 – Over 170 pairs of sports shoes with the inscription Allah in Arabic were seized by the Algerian police after the reports of many people stunned by this product considered offensive for the Muslims.

The shoes, counterfeit Adidas made in China, have been found in many Algerian markets, in particular in Skikda (east), Algiers and Tizi Ouzou, daily Liberte reports.

A real controversy sparked off on many blogs used mainly by young Algerians. ‘What does it mean? That those who wear these shoes trample on Allah,’ somebody say, while others ask themselves who is behind the making of this product.

Some pairs of jeans with the inscription Allah in Arabic on one pocket are also under accusation.

‘Must we sit on Allah?’. ‘Do we know to what insults of this type to the Muslims lead?,’ Liberte underlines, reminding of the cartoons on the Prophet Muhammad and the anger of the Islamic world.


(Via avideditorla’s shared items in Google Reader.)

2 Responses to “Shoes With “Allah” On Bottom Latest Cause For Global Jihad”

  1. In the footwear arena allah shares the spotlight with Jesus.

    20 Tacky Religious Products Guaranteed to Anger God
    Scroll down to #11
    Jesus Loves You Footwear

    – VH

  2. Yves said

    Hahaha! This story was going around in Saudi Arabia 30 years ago. Back then, it was a Taiwanese-Zionist-Christian plot to trick you into walking on the name of Allah. Some folks should take umbrage for their middle name.

    Will this inspire a line of designer clothing?

    Yves Sanstete

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