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Iranian Hardliner Outs “Scumbag Gateway Pundit”

Posted by avideditor on March 10, 2008

Iranian Hardliner Outs "Scumbag Gateway Pundit": “One of the rare hardliner blogs in Iran (most of the bloggers are more secular in nature, I hear) wrote about his great weekend organizing and participating in a kidney donation drive to raise money to kill Jews.

Pi$$off Khomeini lover–

Sarbaz (‘Soldier of Roohallah Khomeini’) website, a regime-supporting hardliner website outed ‘Zionist-loving-scumbag Gateway Pundit’ today in a disgusting report applauding the bloody terrorist attack at the Jerusalem seminary last Thursday.

Roohollah Razavi (pictured above) is the owner at the Sarbaz website. Sarbaz means ‘soldier’ and he calls himself ‘Sarbaz Roohollah’ in order to:

A) Show that he is a soldier of Roohollah Khomeini, and that
B) He was possibly a soldier in the IRI Army or Revolutionary Guards

Ravazi is very proud that he is a soldier.

Ravazi was born in 1981. He is married and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical rail systems. He was/is attending the University of Science and Technology in Tehran and is working on his masters.

Ravazi and his ‘Friends of Justice Seekers’ took action to organize the unbelievably crazy ceremony this weekend in Tehran where several attendees signed up to donate a kidney to raise money for ‘fighters’. The money from the kidney donations, Ravazi explains, is to go to a worthy cause– to kill Israeli officials Ehud Barak, Meir Dagan and Amos Yadlin

Ravazi is very proud that the protest he helped organize has made the mainstream news in the West. He also thanks all of the people who signed over their kidneys for the cause. (Photo from YNET News)

Ravasi mentions that the story was published at YNET News, Israel News, Israel Forum and Gateway Pundit– a neoconnish anti-Islamic scumbag website. He also mentions that his kidney signup made the news in United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.
–Little does he know how deranged we think he is.

** Much thanks to Banafsheh Zand-Banazzi for the translation!

Iranian Hardliners Single Out ‘Warmonger Neocon Blogs Pajamas Media and Gateway Pundit’

(Via avideditorla’s shared items in Google Reader.)

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