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Wow my brother is on the Front page of Yahoo news :)

Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

my brohttp://www.yahoonews.com I know the front page changes alot. I am soooo proud of you for defending Israel. You are a hero.  Stay safe and make a difference. I love you brother.

Update the story is no longer on the front page but here is a screen shot. pic-of-yahoo-front-page-nate.jpg

11 Responses to “Wow my brother is on the Front page of Yahoo news :)”

  1. doriangrey said

    Wicked cool dude… your brother rocks…

  2. Sarah said

    cool! Hi Avid’s brother 😉

  3. Infidelsalwayswin said

    Awesome. Is your brother the guy on the phone?
    ‘Uh, yeah, extra anchovies – no pepperoni! It’s free if it doesn’t get here in 20 minutes, right?’
    Stay safe.

  4. avideditor said

    [self censored for his protection]

  5. dano said

    IDF rock!

  6. Josh said

    Extraordinarity: ,

  7. […] I am an avid editor who is working on a documentary illustrating the media bias against Israel. I have decided to keep a blog to document some of my findings during my research. So some days I may post 30 stories and some days I may post only one. I do not know HTML. I will learn how to use it some day soon. Until then I hope everyone can read the stories that I have found interesting. I hope you all enjoy. Feel free to add comments with ideas on the stories, interesting links to stories, or cool videos. A picture of my brother a true fighter for liberty over radical Islamic tyranny.   […]

  8. Rock on, Bro of AE. Fight the good fight, ignore the mainstream media bozos.

  9. Chris said

    fuck your brother and other racist zionists

  10. Palestinian Martyr said

    children with toy guns

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