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The best comment I got yet

Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

I got this great comment from some one in response to one of the crazy trolls I have on my site. Feel free to contradict me if you use logic and evidence. Thank you mitvahGedolah

Israel will decimate all the Palestinians unless they cease and desist from launching rockets into Israel. Israel has every right, and I say they should go all out against these thugs in Gaza. You seem to be a bleeding-heart loser who doesnt understand what is at stake here. These are not poor-palestinians, these are people who hide behind babies and launch rockets from schools. I would recommend all those in Gaza to distance themselves from anyone they know who makes bombs, suicide belts, has rockets in their basement, or in their schools. Israel will continue to destroy all those resources and any human being who gets in the way of destruction of the missiles and rockets which these scum are launching 100s of into Israel each day. I pray that the innocent are spared, but the guilty are destroyed to the ends of the universe.    

Update:  I should also include this great jewel thanks Dorian Grey. 

  While in college I studied the Koran with several Muslim Arabs and Persians. It isn’t just Iranians for whom the concept of MAD has no value. It is all Middle Eastern Muslims. They all are profoundly indoctrinated into the Islamic jihad concept, which has two very important aspects.

The first aspect is that Islam teaches that Allah will weigh each persons deeds on a scale. Their good deeds on one side their bad deeds on the other. While Islam denies the Christian concept of original sin, it readily acknowledges that it is much easier to live a life of bad deeds than to live one of good.The Islamic concept of Jihad is the Muslims loophole or get out of hell free card as it were. To die in an act of service to Allah, or Jihad is an instant pass to paradise. For a Muslim, it need not be an individual act to satisfy Allah. Were Muslims in the Middle East who physically were not involved in Jihad to die as a result of a state sponsored conflict which resulted in a nuclear detestation being unleashed upon the Middle East, anyone who died as a result would be considered by Allah to have died performing Jihad, or service towards Allah. Furthermore there is another very troubling aspect to this conundrum, since Islam has no single central authority, no government or governing body the use of nuclear weapons against any single Islamic State virtually ensures that all Muslims will retaliate and escalate the violence, yet have no method of bringing the escalation to a halt.No Islamic State has ever shown the ability or desire to restrain the escalation of violence once any infidel nation has engaged them in military a conflict. The closest any has ever come might perhaps be modern Iraq. And we can all see how that is turning out. The US is clearly decimating the Islamic warriors/terrorists, yet even so they continue to fight regardless of the fact that they have and never have have any hope of winning. This suicidal fanatical death glorifying idealism is not unique to Iran, but permeates all of Islam. A nuclear conflict with Iran, regardless of who starts it or why is a guaranteed bloodbath of apocalyptic proportions from which Islam will not and cannot survive.

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Obama Adviser Samantha Power Wanted to Invade Israel

Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

Wow this is very disturbing but not very socking news. I fear Obama more and more each day. 

Obama Adviser Samantha Power Wanted to Invade Israel: “After Barack Obama invades Pakistan, one of his close advisers, Samantha Power, may have another target in mind: Israel. “(HT Little Green Footballs.)

Samantha Power is the author of a Pulitzer Prize-winning book on genocide, and she has a professorship at Harvard (in something called “Global Leadership and Public Policy”). She is also a senior foreign policy adviser to Barack Obama. This isn’t an honorific: she has worked for Obama in Washington, she has campaigned for him around the country, and she doesn’t hesitate to speak for him. This morning, the Washington Post has a piece on Obama’s foreign policy team, identifying her (and retired Maj. Gen. Scott Garion) as “closest to Obama, part of a group-within-the-group that he regularly turns to for advice.” Power and Garion “retain unlimited access to Obama.” This morning’s New York Times announces that Power has an “irresistable profile” and “she could very well end up in [Obama’s] cabinet.”She also has a problem: a corpus of critical statements about Israel. These have been parsed by Noah Pollak at Commentary’s blog Contentions, by Ed Lasky and Richard Baehr at American Thinker, and by Paul Mirengoff at Power Line.Power made her most problematic statement in 2002, in an interview she gave at Berkeley. The interviewer asked her this question:Let me give you a thought experiment here, and it is the following: without addressing the Palestine-Israel problem, let’s say you were an advisor to the President of the United States, how would you respond to current events there? Would you advise him to put a structure in place to monitor that situation, at least if one party or another [starts] looking like they might be moving toward genocide?Power gave an astonishing answer:What we don’t need is some kind of early warning mechanism there, what we need is a willingness to put something on the line in helping the situation. Putting something on the line might mean alienating a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import; it may more crucially mean sacrificing—or investing, I think, more than sacrificing—billions of dollars, not in servicing Israel’s military, but actually investing in the new state of Palestine, in investing the billions of dollars it would probably take, also, to support what will have to be a mammoth protection force, not of the old Rwanda kind, but a meaningful military presence. Because it seems to me at this stage (and this is true of actual genocides as well, and not just major human rights abuses, which were seen there), you have to go in as if you’re serious, you have to put something on the line.Unfortunately, imposition of a solution on unwilling parties is dreadful. It’s a terrible thing to do, it’s fundamentally undemocratic. But, sadly, we don’t just have a democracy here either, we have a liberal democracy. There are certain sets of principles that guide our policy, or that are meant to, anyway. It’s essential that some set of principles becomes the benchmark, rather than a deference to [leaders] who are fundamentally politically destined to destroy the lives of their own people. And by that I mean what Tom Friedman has called “Sharafat” [Sharon-Arafat]. I do think in that sense, both political leaders have been dreadfully irresponsible. And, unfortunately, it does require external intervention…. Any intervention is going to come under fierce criticism. But we have to think about lesser evils, especially when the human stakes are becoming ever more pronounced.It isn’t too difficult to see all the red flags in this answer. Having placed Israel’s leader on par with Yasser Arafat, she called for massive military intervention on behalf of the Palestinians, to impose a solution in defiance of Israel and its American supporters. Billions of dollars would be shifted from Israel’s security to the upkeep of a “mammoth protection force” and a Palestinian state—all in the name of our “principles.”This quote has dogged Power, and she has gone to extraordinary lengths to put it behind her. Most notably, she called in the Washington correspondent of the Israeli daily Haaretz, Shmuel Rosner, to whom she disavowed the quote:Power herself recognizes that the statement is problematic. “Even I don’t understand it,” she says. And also: “This makes no sense to me.” And furthermore: “The quote seems so weird.” She thinks that she made this statement in the context of discussing the deployment of international peacekeepers. But this was a very long time ago, circumstances were different, and it’s hard for her to reconstruct exactly what she meant.It must be awful, at such a young age, to lose track of why you recommended the massive deployment of military force, and not that long ago. So let me help Samantha Power: I can reconstruct exactly what she meant.Power gave the interview on April 29, 2002. This was the tail end of Israel’s Operation Defensive Shield, Israel’s offensive into the West Bank in reaction to a relentless campaign of Palestinian suicide bombings that had killed Israeli civilians in the hundreds. The military operation included the clearing of terrorists from the West Bank city of Jenin (April 3-19). At the time, Palestinian spokespersons had duped much of the international media and human rights community into believing that a massacre of innocent Palestinians had taken place in Jenin. It had not, but the name of Israel had been smeared, particularly in academe. At Harvard, pro-Palestinian activists canvassed the faculty for support of a petition calling on Harvard to divest from Israel. (It was published on May 6.)Power at the time was executive director of Harvard’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, which she founded in 1999. In 2001, she had recruited a celebrity director for the Carr Center: Michael Ignatieff, a Canadian intellectual and journalist who, like herself, had come to prominence writing about atrocities in the Balkans and Africa. A profile of Ignatieff in March 2002 described the division of labor in the Carr Center: “He shares administrative responsibilities with Samantha Power, the center’s executive director. The division of labor works wonderfully, he says: ‘She does all the work.'” Power later told a Canadian journalist that “their social relationship was based on three Bs: baseball, bottles and boys. They talked about the Boston Red Sox, of whom she is a fanatic supporter; they spent evenings together ‘yelling and laughing’ over bottles of wine, and she found him a kind and sympathetic confidant when it came to affairs of the heart.”The Carr Center under this management team generally steered clear of the Middle East. But in that spring of 2002, the pressure to come up with something was very great. Ignatieff, who had been to the Middle East a few times, took the lead. On April 19, 2002, only ten days before Power emitted her “weird” quote, Ignatieff published an op-ed in the London Guardian, under this headline: “Why Bush Must Send in His Troops.” I wrote a thorough critique of this piece over five years ago, so I won’t repeat my dissection of its flaws. As I showed then, the op-ed includes every trendy calumny against Israel.More relevant now are Ignatieff’s policy conclusions. “Neither side is capable of making peace,” he determined, “or even sitting in the same room to discuss it.” The United States should therefore move “to impose a two-state solution now.”The time for endless negotiation between the parties is past: it is time to say that all but those settlements right on the 1967 green line must go; that the right of return is incompatible with peace and security in the region and the right must be extinguished with a cash settlement; that the UN, with funding from Europe, will establish a transitional administration to help the Palestinian state back on its feet and then prepare the ground for new elections before exiting; and, most of all, the US must then commit its own troops, and those of willing allies, not to police a ceasefire, but to enforce the solution that provides security for both populations.Ignatieff ended with a grand flourish:Imposing a peace of this amplitude on both parties, and committing the troops to back it up, would be the most dramatic exercise of presidential leadership since the Cuban missile crisis. Nothing less dramatic than this will prevent the Middle East from descending into an inferno.So this was the thrilling idea that swept the Carr Center that April: a “dramatic exercise of presidential leadership,” through a commitment of U.S. troops to impose and enforce a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Middle East would be saved. The “amplitude” of this notion made divestment seem small-minded. Samantha Power did not misspeak ten days later in her Berkeley interview. She was retailing a vision she shared with her closest colleague. Power went a bit further than Ignatieff, when she spoke about how this show of presidential courage “might mean alienating a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import.” Ignatieff would never have written that. But it was implicit in his text anyway.So Ignatieff’s op-ed was exactly what Power meant. That she should claim no recollection of any of this context seems… weird. Or perhaps not. Remember, Ignatieff wasn’t talking about deploying “international peacekeepers,” the context Power now suggests for her words. He specifically proposed United States troops, followed by anyone else who was “willing.” Their job wouldn’t be to keep the peace, but to “enforce the solution.” Far better today for Power to have some kind of blackout, than to tell the truth about the “dramatic exercise” she and Ignatieff envisioned.(“Iggy,” by the way, left Harvard in 2005 to plunge into Canadian politics, and he is now deputy leader of Canada’s opposition Liberal Party. He still has strong views on what Americans should do. “I’ve worn my heart on my sleeve for a year,” he recently announced. “I’m for Obama.”)Is there a conclusion to be drawn from this genealogy of a truly bad policy idea? Ignatieff himself may have hit on it. Last year he published a reflection on what he’d learned since experiencing real (as opposed to academic) politics. “As a former denizen of Harvard,” he wrote, “I’ve had to learn that a sense of reality doesn’t always flourish in elite institutions. It is the street virtue par excellence. Bus drivers can display a shrewder grasp of what’s what than Nobel Prize winners.”Just substitute Pulitzer for Nobel.

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Holocaust denier says IDF actions worse than Holocaust

Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

What a fool. What is wrong with Israel protecting itself. I can’t believe Israel is wiling to accept him as a peace partner.

Holocaust denier says IDF actions ‘worse than Holocaust’: ” 

This is rich.’Moderate‘ ‘Palestinian‘ President Mahmoud Abbas  Abu Mazen, whose thesis denied the Holocaust, says that IDF actions in Gaza against Hamas terrorists are ‘worse than the Holocaust.’

PalestinianAuthority President Mahmoud Abbas labeled Israels actions to counterthe constant firing of rockets into the Gaza Strip ‘worse than theHolocaust.’Abbas said that Israel’s response to the continuousbombardment of western Negev towns by Palestinian terrorists was toosevere, saying that its operations which have left at least 33Palestinians dead on Saturday were unacceptable retaliation to thefiring of rockets.  

But there was yet another ‘Palestinian’ leader who had even more explicit comments:

TheFatah head was not the only Palestinian leader to be associating themilitary maneuvers with the Holocaust – exiled Hamas leader KhaledMashaal described the operations as ‘the real Holocaust’ on Saturdayafternoon.’Israeli actions in Gaza since Wednesday is the real Holocaust,’ Mashaal told reporters in Damascus, where he lives in exile.He accused Israel of ‘exaggerating the Holocaust and using it to blackmail the world.’…Healso blamed some European countries, without naming them, for keepingsilent on Israeli attacks against Palestinian civilians.’It isshameful that some Western countries try to clear their conscience withregards to the Holocaust that took place on their own land by beingsilent on the real Holocaust being committed by Israel against thePalestinian people,’ he said.  

Europe would have to findits conscience first in order to clear it. Their continued support forthe ‘Palestinians’ proves that.Cross-posted to Israel Matzav.

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The matzav (situation) in a nutshell

Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

The matzav (situation) in a nutshell: “


(JPost editorial) …. Hamas has calculated that, since it does not care about and indeed cynically exploits the suffering of its own people, it has nothing to lose. The more it escalates, the more likely it will compel Israel to respond with greater force, the more Israel will be blamed for the inevitable collateral damage from its operations, and the more pressure there will be to negotiate with Hamas and reduce its isolation. In other words, the more Hamas attacks Israel, the better its chances for international acceptance.


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Olmert “Astonishing”

Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

Olmert "Astonishing": “

Olmert’s order to the Israeli ground force to turn around and withdraw in mid-offensive was astonishing and unprecedented.

DEBKA: Israeli troops abruptly withdraw from Gaza

Hamas militants and supporters take part in a Hamas [victory] celebration after Israeli troops pulled out of the Gaza Strip, March 3, 2008. (Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

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UC Berkeley And Saudi School Working On Secret Deal

Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

UC Berkeley And Saudi School Working On Secret Deal: “


At first I was pissed off about this, but then I thought. This just proves how freaking stupid the people of Berkeley really are. Yeah, go ahead, send all of those loud-mouthed Stalin-Idiot Types, especially the females, over there…

LOL…Berkeley, Berkeley, Berkeley…you’d be the first people they’d want to flog, hang, and behead.

BERKELEY — UC Berkeley is negotiating a secretive deal with a developing graduate university in Saudi Arabia, where Berkeley faculty will collaborate on research and help the school hire professors.

But the collaboration has raised significant questions among Berkeley instructors about whether the Saudi school will discriminate against women and others, as is the case at most of the country’s institutions.

Berkeley administrators have declined to disclose most information about the developing agreement, denying several requests from the Times for public records. University attorneys said disclosing the records could derail the contract with the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, which the two schools expect to finalize as early as Tuesday.

A campus faculty leader said some professors in Berkeley’s mechanical engineering department — which would provide consultation to the Saudi school — had ‘huge’ concerns about the agreement, particularly about academic freedom and gender and religious discrimination.

An Academic Senate committee decided those concerns were unwarranted, said Bill Drummond, the body’s chairman.

‘They felt that the value of going forward outweighed the reservations that had been expressed so far,’ said Drummond, a journalism professor.

Drummond declined to provide a copy of the Academic Senate report, as did the university. The report is believed to address the human-rights concerns raised by faculty members and details about the proposal.

In a letter to the university, Times’ attorney Karl Olson said the school’s reticence violates state law.

Withholding the document ‘seems to confuse the interests of various University officials in avoiding potential embarrassment or scrutiny with the interests of the public, which funds the university, in scrutinizing proposed agreements,’ Olson wrote.

Faculty concerns have slowed similar proposals between other U.S. and Saudi schools. At Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, engineering professors are opposing an agreement to develop a men-only engineering school at Saudi Arabia’s Jubail University College.

Berkeley administrators are making sure the King Abdullah proposal would not lead to discrimination, said Al Pisano, chairman of the UC Berkeley mechanical engineering department.

‘We’re in the middle of vetting all of this,’ said Pisano, who declined to say how much money the Saudi school would pay UC Berkeley. ‘If this agreement goes forward as planned, I think you’re going to find that there will be no discrimination on any basis.’

Unlike other Saudi universities, the new school — known as KAUST — will not be subject to gender or religious restrictions, said John Burgess, a former U.S. diplomat who runs the Crossroads Arabia blog. King Abdullah intends to allow KAUST complete freedom so it can become one of the world’s top graduate schools, Burgess said.

‘KAUST is unique,’ he said. ‘There will be no government pressure on curriculum or the way anything runs. This is being carved out of Saudi Arabia.’

But it remains to be seen whether women and others will indeed be allowed to be equal partners in the new venture. The New York Times reported in October that Israelis would not be allowed to collaborate with KAUST.

The Berkeley department has at least two professors who were educated in Israel, although it was not clear whether they are Israelis or how their involvement would be affected by the rule.

Representatives of the Saudi school did not respond to repeated interview requests over the course of a month. The university’s Web site says the yet-to-open school has forged collaborations with prominent research institutions around the world, and the site includes an October speech by KAUST’s interim president in which he said the university expects to partner with UC Berkeley.

The site also notes that KAUST is seeking five-year contracts with partner universities and that KAUST professors will start out as visiting scholars at the linked schools.

Human-rights groups have criticized Saudi Arabia for prohibiting women, homosexuals and other marginalized groups from participating in many parts of public life. Violators are sometimes beaten.

A representative of the Berkeley campus chapter of Amnesty International, which has called for Saudi Arabian reforms, declined to comment on the university deal.

Several UC Berkeley engineering professors also declined to comment on the partnership. ‘No thanks,’ said one, Sara McMains, without explanation.

The contract would be just the latest example of UC Berkeley’s attempts to extend its reach overseas. Chancellor Robert Birgeneau recently traveled to India to seek additional partnerships, and campus leaders also have sought alliances with universities in China, South Korea and other countries.

‘This is just part of a much larger phenomenon,’ said John Douglass, a researcher at UC Berkeley’s Center for Studies in Higher Education. ‘Generally, I think these types of agreements are beneficial.’

(Contra Costa Times)

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Video: What the Egyptians really think of the Palestinians

Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

Video: What the Egyptians really think of the 'Palestinians': “

In this interview on Egyptian al-Mihwar TV with retired General Hussam
Sweilem, it all comes out. Sweilem blasts Hamas for what its ‘people’
did to ordinary Egyptians in Rafah and El-Arish during the recent
border breach, and complains that the ‘Palestinians’ think that the
Egyptians should actually be responsible for helping them. At times,
he’s even entertaining.

Watch the video here.

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Obama: Birds Of A Feather Flock Togther

Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

Birds Of A Feather Flock Togther: ” Hat tip: Dr. Dan

Check out the sign in the back of the photo, which I am told, says ‘Allah.’obama-barber.jpgAs soon as I find out when this picture was taken, I’ll post it here.

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Previous stories about B Hussein O’bama 









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Iran at Forefront of Multi-pronged War against Israel, the West

Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

Iran at Forefront of Multi-pronged War against Israel, the West: “As Iran supplies Gaza-based Hamas increasing quantities of longer-range rockets along with continued funding and training, the Islamic Republic has emerged as the architect of a multi-front war against Israel and Western countries. In addition to Hamas’ attacks against Israel from the south, Iran is re-arming its proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon, north of Israel, for future potential strikes against Israel.

In Tehran, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has continued his threats to annihilate Israel and attack the west while continuing to defy the International Atomic Energy Agency and the international community’s orders to halt uranium enrichment [1] that could be used to create a nuclear weapon. Today (March 3), the United Nations Security Council adopted new sanctions against Iran. [2] Ahmadinejad has said he plans to share his nuclear know-how with other like-minded countries. [3]

Said Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, founder and president of The Israel Project, ‘Iran has said it’s the ‘Number one power in the world’ and now they’re trying to demonstrate that, whether through their interference in Afghanistan; arming Venezuela against Colombia; their outreach in Iraq; or arming, training and funding Hezbollah. Now, by increasing the supply of weapons, funding and training for Palestinian terrorists, Iran is continuing its quest to expand its dangerous influence worldwide. Iran’s president has said he wants Israel ‘wiped off the map’ and there’s no reason to doubt he means it.

‘All of this is also a way of distracting the world from the even bigger threat – the potential of Iran with a nuclear weapon,’ Mizrahi said. ‘Today, however, the U.N. Security Council put forth a powerful message that the world wants to resolve this crisis peacefully and constructively so that all of us can have a safer future.’

During the most recent barrage of rocket fire from Gaza, 20 were Grad-type Katyusha rockets imported from Iran. [4]
That amounts to more than three times the number of Grads fired into Israel during the last two years combined. [5] Grads have a longer range than the Qassam rockets that are manufactured in Gaza. [6]

At a cabinet meeting on Sunday, March 2, IDF Chief of Military Intelligence Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin said the recent upsurge in violence began after Israel targeted Hamas operatives who had received training in Iran and were planning a terrorist attack against Israel. [7]

Iran-backed terrorists have shot more than 4,000 rockets at Israel since Israel voluntarily evacuated all of its roughly 9,000 residents from the area two-and-a-half years ago in hopes of paving the way for an independent Palestinian state. Hamas, like Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other groups funded, trained and armed by Iran, fires rockets at Israeli civilians and targets elementary schools from densely populated areas in Gaza, using civilian homes and schools as launching pads [8] and is now openly threatening to attack Israeli children. The use of civilians as human shields violates the Fourth Geneva Convention. [9] [10]

In addition to providing military training and smuggling weapons to Hamas operatives [11] in Gaza through Egypt, [12] Iran provides Hamas $20 million to $30 million annually [13] and pledged an additional $50 million to the Palestinians’ Hamas-led government, according to mid-2007 estimates.[14] The Islamic Republic also shared its expertise as the group prepared to take over the Gaza Strip last June. [15]

Iran continuously provides training, weaponry and money to Hezbollah at the rate of $100 million [16] to $200 million [17] annually, according to tallies as of mid-2007. After Hezbollah attacked Israel from Lebanon without provocation in July 2006, enmeshing Israel in a 34-day war, Iran reportedly gave Hezbollah another $300 million. [18] Since the war, Iran has re-armed Hezbollah and provided it greater and more advanced weaponry. [19] Iran’s weapons supplies to the Shiite terror group have included Katyusha rockets, surface-to-air rockets and anti-tank weapons. [20]

In addition to Ahmadinejad’s diatribes against the West, an Iranian group has recruited 40,000 suicide bombers to carry out attacks against Europe and other Western countries. [21] And, according to Ahmadinejad’s apocalyptic doctrine, Iran will lead a war with other Muslim countries against the West to Islamicize the world. [22] [23]


[1] Asculai, Ephraim. ‘The Latest IAEA Report (22.2.2008) and Iranian Nuclear Weapons Development.’ Institute for National Security Studies, Feb. 29, 2008, http://www.inss.org.il/publications.php?cat=21&incat=&read=1656

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The Israel Project is an international non-profit organization devoted to educating the press and the public about Israel while promoting security, freedom and peace. The Israel Project provides journalists, leaders and opinion-makers accurate information about Israel. The Israel Project is not related to any government or government agency. “

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Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008


In what I consider to be the finest summation of the failure of American Middle East foreign policy and its ungodly consequences, Rachel Ehrenfeld and Alyssa Lappens  expose the inexplicable stupidity and naivete at throwing untold billions at ‘Palestinian’ jihadis –  tribute– over decades. We have, in effect, built, produced the weapon of our destruction and still ……….. we will fund these savages in even greater amounts — as we speak.
Please read their whole article and then compare and contrast Bush and Jefferson. Jefferson wouldn’t pay the tribute

U.S. Rewarding Palestinian Terrorism Terror Finance blog

Unwavering U.S. determination to fund,
train, and arm more than 50,000 Palestinian ‘soldiers’ raises serious doubts
about the repeated promises President George W. Bush has made to secure Israel’s
safety and bring peace to the Middle East.

If the Bush administration gets its way, $4.2 billion to $7 billion in
American taxpayer dollars over the next five years may fund training and
purchase arms for tens of thousands of seasoned Palestinian terrorists. Many are
veteran murderers, released from Israeli prisons in ‘confidence building’
measures repeatedly demanded by the U.S.

It’s as if the U.S. proposed sending money, arms, and military instructors to
help Sudanese strongman, Omar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir, assist Darfur refugees —
against whom he openly pursues genocide.


Instead, in 1994 the U.S. helped establish the Palestinian Authority (PA),
headed by one of the most wanted criminals in the world — the Muslim Brotherhood
member and Soviet-trained jihadist Yasser Arafat. His comrade in arms, vizier,
and chief negotiator, Mahmoud Abbas, follows in Arafat’s footsteps — albeit
without the trademark kafiyah and beard — even more successfully.

Ignoring $10 billion (PDF) in Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) loot
that Arafat already controlled, plus more than $2 billion in illegal annual
income, the West showered millions more on Arafat. The West assumed that giving
the PA legitimacy, funding it, and persuading Israel to cede territory would
convince Palestinians to stop targeting Israel and the West.


In 2001, a year into the second intifada, official donations to the PA jumped
over 80% from $555 million to $1.002 billion (PDF)— including at least $114
million from the U.S. Sure enough, that year hundreds of Israelis were murdered
and thousands injured in at least 121 attacks.


Yet, in dozens of cases the USAID mission for the West Bank and Gaza failed
to enforce federal laws requiring they bar organizations and individuals that
threaten, support, or are affiliated with terrorism. The USAID also failed to
certify that recipients have not provided material support for terrorism.

In at least 74 cases, according to a December 2007 audit, the mission ‘failed
to comply’ (PDF) with the anti-terrorism requirements of Executive Order 13224.
It failed to vet subcontractors and require anti-terrorism certification for all
contractors and subcontractors who received money.

Yet, the USAID mission even now plans to forfeit requirements on cumulative
payments of under $25,000 annually. It should be noted that $25,000 can buy 50
Katyusha rockets.

The USAID mission argued that the prohibition against cash assistance to the
PA is ‘technically an anti-corruption measure and not an anti-terrorism
measure.’ Thus, they claim they violated no anti-terrorism clause.


This would be the first time the U.S. gives the utterly corrupt PA cash to
use as it likes, even to share with U.S.-designated terrorist organizations such
as Islamic Jihad and Hamas.

Notwithstanding Fatah-Hamas leadership disagreements branding each other
‘murderers and thieves,’ on Jan. 30 Abbas agreed to give Hamas $3.1 billion of
$7.7 billion pledged by international donors in Paris last December.

Money is fungible. PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, a former World Bank
official, made this clear in a 2007 interview with London’s Daily Telegraph. ‘No
one can [assure] donors’ that funds reach their designated destinations, Fayyad
declared. He went on to state that controlling Palestinian finances is
‘virtually impossible.’

We don’t have to fund these murderers. Bush is no Jefferson but he could learn a thing or two from him.

America and the Barbary Pirates: An International Battle Against an Unconventional Foe by Gerard W. Gawalt

After the United States won its independence in the treaty of 1783, it
had to protect its own commerce against dangers such as the Barbary
pirates. As early as 1784 Congress followed the tradition of the
European shipping powers and appropriated $80,000 as tribute to the
Barbary states, directing its ministers in Europe, Thomas Jefferson and
John Adams, to begin negotiations with them. Trouble began the next
year, in July 1785, when Algerians captured two American ships and the
dey of Algiers held their crews of twenty-one people for a ransom of
nearly $60,000.

Paying the ransom would only lead to further demands, Jefferson argued
in letters to future presidents John Adams, then Americas minister to
Great Britain, and James Monroe, then a member of Congress. As
Jefferson wrote to Adams in a July 11, 1786, letter, ‘I acknolege [sic]
I very early thought it would be best to effect a peace thro the
medium of war.’ Paying tribute will merely invite more demands, and
even if a coalition proves workable, the only solution is a strong navy
that can reach the pirates, Jefferson argued in an August 18, 1786,
letter to James Monroe: ‘The states must see the rod; perhaps it must
be felt by some one of them. . . . Every national citizen must wish to
see an effective instrument of coercion, and should fear to see it on
any other element than the water. A naval force can never endanger our
liberties, nor occasion bloodshed; a land force would do both.’
what I learn from the temper of my countrymen and their tenaciousness
of their money,’ Jefferson added in a December 26, 1786, letter to the
president of Yale College, Ezra Stiles, ‘it will be more easy to raise
ships and men to fight these pirates into reason, than money to bribe

Jeffersons plan for an international coalition foundered on the shoals
of indifference and a belief that it was cheaper to pay the tribute
than fight a war. The United Statess relations with the Barbary states
continued to revolve around negotiations for ransom of American ships
and sailors and the payment of annual tributes or gifts. Even though
Secretary of State Jefferson declared to Thomas Barclay, American
consul to Morocco, in a May 13, 1791, letter of instructions for a new
treaty with Morocco that it is ‘lastly our determination to prefer war
in all cases to tribute under any form, and to any people whatever,’
the United States continued to negotiate for cash settlements. In 1795
alone the United States was forced to pay nearly a million dollars in
cash, naval stores, and a frigate to ransom 115 sailors from the dey of
Algiers. Annual gifts were settled by treaty on Algiers, Morocco,
Tunis, and Tripoli.

When Jefferson became president in 1801 he refused to accede to
Tripolis demands for an immediate payment of $225,000 and an annual
payment of $25,000. The pasha of Tripoli then declared war on the
United States. Although as secretary of state and vice president he had
opposed developing an American navy capable of anything more than
coastal defense, President Jefferson dispatched a squadron of naval
vessels to the Mediterranean. As he declared in his first annual
message to Congress: ‘To this state of general peace with which we have
been blessed, one only exception exists. Tripoli, the least
considerable of the Barbary States, had come forward with demands
unfounded either in right or in compact, and had permitted itself to
denounce war, on our failure to comply before a given day. The style of
the demand admitted but one answer. I sent a small squadron of frigates
into the Mediterranean. . . .’

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French “Disenfranchised Youth” Attack Cops

Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

French “Disenfranchised Youth” Attack Cops: “


Bullshit, call them what they are, fucking muslim jihadis…

Dozens of hooded attackers fired buckshot and nails at police this weekend, wounding four officers, France’s interior minister said.

Michele Alliot-Marie called the Sunday afternoon attack an ‘ambush,’ saying that about 30 people, some of them armed, were waiting for the officers in the southern Paris suburb of Grigny. The officers were responding to a call about vandalism at a local bakery.

Three officers were hit in face with buckshot; another was hit in the leg with buckshot and nails and was hospitalized, Sunday’s statement said.

The minister expressed ‘total support’ for the officers, who she said work under ‘particularly difficult conditions.’

Alliot-Marie said efforts were under way to identify and apprehend those involved in the incident.

In November, rioting youths in another Paris suburb opened fire on police, injuring at least 10.

That attack in Villiers-le-Bel fueled fears of a repeat of riots that raged across France’s neglected suburbs for three weeks in November 2005. Police managed to bring last year’s unrest under control in a matter of days.

Last month, police raided housing projects in Villiers-le-Bel and neighboring towns north of the French capital, detaining 35 people in connection with the riots there. Authorities have said youths organized a system to target police with gunfire.


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CAIR apppoints Hamas supporter to CAIR Ohio

Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

Evidence that CAIR supports terrorist.

CAIR apppoints Hamas supporter to CAIR Ohio: “

The Council of American Islamic Relations has appointed Abukar Arman,  an open supporter of Hamas and an al-Qaeda affiliate in Somolia, to run its CAIR-Columbus, Ohio office!  Arman also attempted to move into local government positions which failed with his forced resignation from a political appointment with the Franklin County Criminal Justice Planning Board, which oversees area Homeland Security, after officials discovered that as a non-US citizen he wasn’t eligible to be on the board; and losing his job with the Columbus Public Schools, according to Patrick Poole who keeps a blog called Central Ohioans Against Terrorism.

Arman has his own blog and in 2006 wrote a post called Hamas Victory Is A Victory for Democracy and Peace, Arman said ‘…peace-loving peoples of the world to embrace —and welcome Hamas as a bona fide representative of the Palestinian people and a partner in the peace process.’

Patrick Poole wrote extensive about Arman here.  If you had any doubt about CAIR and its support for Hamas, Poole should be able to firmly erase any doubt in your mind.

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5000 Missiles hitting Israel not worth defending – UN..How about AZTLAN militants sending 5000 missiles into San Diego?

Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

Wow this is a great article on the hypocrisy of the UN

5000 Missiles hitting Israel not worth defending – UN..How about AZTLAN ‘militants’ sending 5000 missiles into San Diego?: “  

gaza_greenhouse_before2.jpgASHKELON, Israel (AP) – Residents of this beachside city are still coming to terms with being on the front lines of Israel’s battle against Hamas militants. A dozen long-range rockets slammed into Ashkelon over the weekend, marking a significant turning point in the conflict and compelling Israel to strike back hard. ‘Until yesterday, I never would have believed that I would see the things I saw,’ said Rachel Shimoni, 66, as she stood amid shards of glass, blown out of the front window of her clothing store. ‘All of a sudden, the reality has changed.’ Palestinian militants fire rockets nearly daily at Sderot and other Israeli border towns near Gaza. But by reaching Ashkelon, a city of 120,000 people about 11 miles north of Gaza, Hamas raised the stakes considerably. It is one of the largest cities in southern Israel, home to Mediterranean beaches, a college and strategic installations like an electric plant and a water purification plant. ————————————————————————————————————————–GAZA (Reuters) – U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned Israel for usinggaza_greenhouse_after3.jpg ‘excessive’ force in the Gaza Strip and demanded a halt to its offensive after troops killed 61 people on the bloodiest day for Palestinians since the 1980s. Addressing an emergency session of the Security Council in New York after four days of fighting in which 96 Palestinians have been killed, many of them civilians, Ban also called on Gaza’s Islamist militants to stop firing rockets. 

After voluntarily leaving Gaza to the Palestinians, dismantling all settlements, and forcibly removing the settlers, which as we all know, the Palestinians claimed was the entire reason (illegal settlements and occupation) for violence, it’s hysterically obvious with 5000+ missiels since pounding into pre-1967 Israel what it has always been about. It’s about removing non dhimmi jews from life, and frmo the waqf. The rest of the world in the form of the UN is in favor of simply removing this problem, and is clearly readying itself to adapt to what it perceives to te the most difficult group to deal with, and satisfying them, so it can get back to its third world corruption and lunch at Lutece, expensed of course. Thus, the world is prepared to scold the palestinians and the arabs whose leaders backing them with money, smuggling and weapons, but they are not prepared to see the jews DEFEND THE NATION being attacked.They never will be.That is why the UN is useless and belongs somewhere else, where it’s nature is fitting.Dubai.Good bye.Pay the parking fines up and be on your way.I disagree with Bolton on this one, the UN can NEVER be an instrument or advance and protect American interests. It is a mutant cancer. It is not what FDR, and Truman dreamed of.

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Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

Update: video and fresh analysis 

Check out this interesting stuff I found on B. Hussein O’bama


His father was a Muslim from Kenya who grew up in a remote village, breeding goats ‘Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme!Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme!I witness that there is no god but AllahI witness that there is no god but AllahI witness that Muhammad is his prophet… ‘ THESE ARE THE WORDS FROM THE VERY MOUTH OF BARACK OBAMA

And it is also The Shahada (declaration of faith) being the first pillar of faith in Islam according to the Sunni’s  

Converting to Islam is to declare and testify that:

There is no God except Allah; Muhammad is Messenger of Allah.

La ilaha il-Allah, Muhammad-ur-Rasulullah

English translation of this Arabic phrase is:There is no God except Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.This phrase, known as Shahada, is a simple creed but has very profound meaning in it and the faith behind it brings people out from darkness into light. By making this declaration and by accepting the obligations of Islamic Law, anyone can join this fastest growing religion. Any person who sincerely believes that there is only One True God, worthy of worship – Allah – the Creator, the Sustainer, the Lord of the Heaven and the Earth and all that exists; and accepts that Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the last and final Messenger of Allah, is a Muslim.

There -fore Barack Obama is a Muslim.

As we all know by now Obama grew up in Jakarta, well Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as ‘one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.’

So for those who have never been in Jakarta, count yourselves lucky to have never experienced the call to pray, as it is one of the worst cacophonies one could encounter. The cacophony from thousands of crackling sound systems, mediocre muezzins and staggered prayer calls have long been a pain in the arse among local people, The call, or adan, is increasingly out of control and not very ‘beautiful’. The ‘war of the loudspeakers’ starts at 3:00 am and many begin their calls to prayer only after neighboring mosques have finished, so this unholy cacophony can last for more than an hour. Only a muslim can say that the call to pray is the prettiest sounds on Earth

So Obama is not only a son of a goat herder, he is a lying muslim



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Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

I was in Sderot last summer. Do what you can to help these innocent Jews survive the terror of the Palis. I pray the leaders of Israel will do what is right and take care of the pali jihadis. 



UPDATE: DM alos recommends: Operation Portable Bomb Shelter

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The fifth column

Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

I was going to say something that I might regret but I decided against it.

The fifth column: “From JPost:Hundreds of Arab teens pelted Israeli cars, police and passersby with stones and rocks in east Jerusalem on Monday, as rioting over the violence in Gaza continued in the Arab sections of Jerusalem for the second straight day.

 In the most serious incident, two Jerusalem Municipality city inspectors felt in danger of being lynched on a central east Jerusalem thoroughfare that was blocked by burning garbage bins after their car was pelted with dozens of stones and rocks by half a dozen teens, one of whom jumped on the vehicle and beat the window with a metal bar.The two city workers, who were inside their vehicle when they came under attack, eventually managed to bypass a burning garbage bin that was overturned on the road by driving on the sidewalk and escape to safety.’I was afraid we were going to be lynched,’ said city inspector Chaya Elihan.The two city workers were in telephone contact the whole time of the attack with their boss, Elihan said.’Our instructions were just to get out of the there as quickly as possible without paying any attention to the damage done to the car,’ city inspector Moshe Ephraim said.

But thats not all…

Meanwhile, a group of 150 Arab students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem held a boisterous protest Monday against the IDF operation in the Gaza Strip. The Arab students who took part in the afternoon protest just outside the main entrance to the university’s Mount Scopus campus were met by dozens of Jewish students in a counterprotest opposite the street, with police separating between the two sides.Carrying Palestinian flags and dressed in keffiyehs, the Arab students chanted the Palestinian liberation slogan: ‘With our blood and soul we shall liberate Palestine.’We are part of the Palestinian people and it is impossible to separate us from them,’ said protester Ali Behar, 23, a third-year student who heads the Arab Students Committee.’We are protesting against the Zionist terror against the Palestinian people,’ Behar said, ‘or as [Deputy Defense Minister Matan] Vilna’i called it, ‘the Holocaust.” Vilna’i has said that he used the Hebrew word Shoah in a radio interview which took place Friday only to mean disaster, ruin or destruction and was not referring to its primary definition as Holocaust.Israeli student protesters, who supported the army’s actions in Gaza, expressed their dismay that the university and police allowed such radical Islamic activity on campus.’We are talking about a group of students who live in the dorms, who study at the expense of the state and in exchange call for the murder of Israelis and support terror,’ said Erez Tadmor, 28, head of the right-wing student group If You Will It, referring to the words of Theodor Herzl.’Regretfully and shamefully, the incitement of the Islamic groups on campus are ignored by both the police and the university administration,’ he said.

Israeli Arabs have the right to protest, of course, but if they want to see the state get destroyed it is reasonable to ask that they no longer get the benefits of that same state.

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Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

Israel should use this opportunity to blow up the all the mosques and destroy the jihadis pulpits of hate and weapons supply. The Palis destroyed all the shull they could find in the old city of Jerusalem when they took over. I think we should do the same thing the the jihadis. Blow up a mosque after every rocket fired into Israel.


Religion of ….RPGs ….hat tip Shy Guy

Rare Footage : IDF Operate In The Jabaliyah
Camp,Bombs,RPG’s Found In Mosques And Houses.

Hours after troops
pulled out of the Jabaliya refugee camp in northern Gaza, Infolive.tv brings you
rare footage of soldiers operating inside the camp. Bombs and explosive devices
soldiers found inside mosques and inhabited buildings prove how the terrorists
hide behind the ciivilian population to launch their attacks against IDF forces
and Israel.03/03/08

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Hamas Claims Victory As Israel Withdraws From Gaza Holger’s commentary

Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

More great commentary from Holgers Awakens on the Gaza war.

Hamas Claims ' Victory ' As Israel Withdraws From Gaza: “

Man, I am fuming here. First, I could wring the neck of the head of Hamas for gloating over what he perceives as a victory as Israel withdrew from Gaza. Second, I’m pissed off at Israel’s Olmert for caving in and withdrawing due to U.S. ‘pressure.’ And thirdly, I’m the MOST pissed off at Secretary of State Condi Rice and her deluded dream of some sort of Middle East peace agreement – for her to stick her goddamn nose into Israel’s business of retribution and defense of its people in the name of ‘peace’ , is simply absurd. I don’t know what happened to Rice along the way but apparently she entered the same brain washing chamber the jihadists used on Jimmy Carter.

Okay, with that off my chest, here’s what the puke, the scum, the misfit of a head of Hamas said today:

‘The blood of Gaza’s children has achieved victory and occupation will be removed,’ Hamas’s Gaza leader Ismail Haniyeh said in a statement.

And just to make it all worse, Hamas launches more missiles into southern Israel just after the troops completed the withdrawl. Israel is obviously heeding Rice’s call for this and one Israeli official has conceded that they are doing this for ‘two days’ in response to Rice’s visit.

So here’s the deal I’d propose if I’m Prime Minister of Israel. I have Condi Rice come in for her talks BUT we meet in Sderot, Israel. We meet in an unprotected building with no helmets or vests on. And if U.S. Secret Service or State Department personnel say that the meeting locale does not meet the security requirements for the Secretary of State, then I , as Israeli PM, simply say, ‘Okay, I’ve made my point and we are going back into Gaza – immediately.’

And Israel should be back in there now, Rice visit or no Rice visit. This isn’t some damn game of politics or chess, this is war.

Here’s the full story from Reuters.

Hamas claims Gaza ‘victory’ as Israel pulls back

GAZA (Reuters) – Hamas declared victory after Israeli troops pulled out of the Gaza Strip on Monday following a U.S. appeal to end days of fighting that killed more than 100 Palestinians.
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said despite the culmination of the five-day operation, in which two Israeli soldiers were killed, Israel would take further action in the Gaza Strip until cross-border rocket fire was cut significantly.
The withdrawal came in time for a two-day visit, beginning on Tuesday, by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, a driving force behind peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority that have so far shown little progress.
‘The blood of Gaza’s children has achieved victory and occupation will be removed,’ Hamas’s Gaza leader Ismail Haniyeh said in a statement.
Hamas, which seized the Gaza Strip from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction in June, vowed to continue firing rockets into Israel. It launched one into the main southern city of Ashkelon shortly after the troops withdrew, wounding one person.
‘We are not willing to show tolerance, period. We will respond,’ Olmert said in broadcast remarks.
A senior Israeli official said, however, there would be a ‘two-day interval’ for Rice’s visit.
Israel had been under pressure from its allies in Washington to halt the violence after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas suspended U.S.-backed peace talks in protest at the bloodshed.

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Student who threw Koran in toilet gets community service

Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

I think it is still way too much. If I had a koran laying around I would do the same thing. Don’t we have the freedom of expression in this country? Want to see a dog shitting on the koran? http://www.netdisaster.com/go.php?mode=dog&url=http://www.oneummah.net/quran/01.htm just give it some time to load

Student who threw Koran in toilet gets community service: “In a New York courtroom earlier today, Pace University student Stanislav Shmulevitch, who admitted to throwing a Koran in the toilet, was sentenced to 300 hours of community service. A former Pace University student who twice threw copies of the Koran into a toilet at the school after disputes with Muslims pleaded guilty Monday to disorderly conduct in connection with the incidents.


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EXPLOSIVE NEWS– Chavez Paid $300 Million to FARC!

Posted by avideditor on March 3, 2008

Wow Chavez is supporting terrorist. I wonder if he is also supporting Hezboallah.

It was already well known that Hugo Chavez had been supporting the Marxist FARC terrorists
But, today’s news was explosive!

Together for FARC…

Captured FARC documents revealed today that both Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa (right) and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez are in bed with the Marxist FARC terrorists of Colombia.

No wonder Hugo Chavez was so upset about the death of Raul Reyes this weekend after his group was ambushed by Colombian soldiers.
Reuters reported:

Colombia’s police commander said on Monday documents found at the camp of a top rebel commander killed in a raid showed evidence Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had made $300 million payments to FARC guerrillas.

Gen. Oscar Naranjo earlier said computers found in the camp of FARC commander Raul Reyes had revealed documents showing ties between the rebel leader and a representative of the government of Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa.

The news of the death of Raul Reyes was jolting.
The news of the captured documents that Reyes was carrying is explosive.

Police officers stand around the body of Luis Edgar Devia, known as Raul Reyes, a senior commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC, inside the plane that transported his body from southern Colombia to Bogota, Saturday, March 1, 2008. (AP)

Financial ties between Chavez and FARC go back to 1992.
The International Herald Tribune reported:

Colombia’s police chief said Monday that documents recovered from a slain rebel leader’s computer reveal financial ties between Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Colombia’s largest guerrilla group, including a recent message that mentions US$300 million in Venezuelan support for the rebels.

The official, Gen. Oscar Naranjo, didn’t say if there was any indication in the Feb. 14 message that Venezuela actually delivered this money to the rebels.

Another document found in the laptop belonging to slain rebel leader Raul Reyes suggests financial ties between Chavez and the rebels dating back to 1992, Naranjo said. At the time, Chavez was jailed in Venezuela for leading a coup attempt, and was plotting the comeback that eventually led to his election as president in 1998.

‘A note recovered from Raul Reyes speaks of how grateful Chavez was for the 100 million pesos (about US$150,000 at the time) that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, delivered to Chavez when he was in prison,’ said Naranjo told a news conference.

JWF reported more on this very bad news for Hugo.

Top FARC Dog Raul Reyes Killed By Colombian Forces
Chavez Warns of War… Says Colombia Is ‘Israel of South America!’
TENSIONS RISING– Documents Link Ecuador’s President to FARC

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