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Israeli Military Begins New Strategy To Halt Missile Attacks: Destroy Hamas Rule In Gaza

Posted by avideditor on March 1, 2008

Holger Awakens provides a great analysis of Israel’s new strategy on the war against the Jihadis in Gaza.

Israeli Military Begins New Strategy To Halt Missile Attacks: Destroy Hamas Rule In Gaza: “

When Prime Minister Olmert returned from Japan, he was presented with a new plan to stop the waves of missile attacks into Israel. The overall plan is to systematically destroy all Hamas institutions and leadership until Hamas’ very rule in Gaza caves in.
I have been calling for this for three weeks! It is a sound plan that includes:

The IDF has now set itself the following targets:
Every Palestinian military and security installation belonging to Hamas, as well as its Al Dawa social welfare branches used as meeting places and the money changers’ places of business.
A series of ground operations on the same lines as the Sejayia raid will be launched to drive Hamas and its allied terrorist groups out of northern Gaza – the sites of most missile launches against Ashkelon and Sderot. Once this part of the territory is purged, Israeli military control can be exercised without reoccupation.

This is an excellent plan as it disrupts any coordination of attacks and normal Hamas rule. And most importantly, this will create a void in northern Gaza, taking all of the distance advantage of missile attacks away from Hamas. What isn’t pointed out above is the human targets, the Hamas leaders…and you KNOW that is a big part of the mix. In fact, intelligence shows that every Hamas leader has ‘gone to ground’ after leaks of this new Israeli strategy emerged. This has been Hamas’ reaction to counter the Israeli measures:

1. Their heads of government, armed wings and clerical authorities have gone to ground.
2. Their rank and file have taken over an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 civilian homes around Gaza City active and set up a wall for the town’s defense. Each home is provisioned with sufficient ammo, water and food for three weeks’ combat.
3. All Hamas operatives have dumped their cell phones and all means of communication which could betray their whereabouts. Orders and messages are carried by courier, usually children.
4. Thousands of missiles and rockets of different types are stocked in private homes and schools inside Gaza City and its refugee camps to escape Israeli attacks. This stratagem allows Hamas to calibrate its missile barrages on Israeli civilians according to the intensity of Israeli strikes against them.

Now, look at two responses by Hamas: a) they take over civilian homes putting those innocents in danger in the hopes that the Israelis will not attack residences and b) they use children to courier their communications (instead of cell phones)

What brave warriors Hamas is huh?! Using little boys and girls to do their business. The mighty military of Hamas is now revolving on the tiny feet of 8 year old boys and girls.
Hamas has always been the epitome of cowardice. Their flag shouldn’t be green, it should be Cowardly Yellow. Hopefully, this strategy of the Israelis will do more than just halt the missile attacks – hopefully the under ground hiding places of the Hamas vermin will exposed and we can see the bodies of Hamas leaders and fighters stockpiled like old cordwood.
I’ve said for months now that it is time to end the existence of Hamas, once and for all.

Here’s the full story from DEBKA.

Israel aims to stamp out missile attacks by destroying Hamas rule of Gaza

DEBKAfile’s military sources report the Israeli military command is now targeting Hamas rule of the Gaza Strip as ultimately the only effective way of halting the Palestinian missile offensive against civilian locations. It therefore proposes to systematically destroy Hamas institutions one by one until its rule of Gaza caves in.
This tactic was presented to prime minister Ehud Olmert Friday on his return from Japan. If Hamas alternatively decides it can no longer afford the exorbitant price exacted by the Israeli military for sustaining its missile offensive and abandons it, the IDF will halt its military operations. This would lead to an informal truce.

(Via Holger Awakens.)

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Read this Amazing Liveblogg of the Israel Gaza war: Sat/Sun Feb 29-Mar 1

Posted by avideditor on March 1, 2008

Check out Israellycool.That Blog has some great information on what is now going on in Israel. The live blog will be updated regularly there.

Liveblogging the Conflict: Sat/Sun Feb 29-Mar 1: “

The IDF launched it’s Gaza military operation last night, with 2 IDF soldiers killed and 5 wounded until now. The fighting has been fierce, with IDF soldiers being met with heavy gunfire from palestinian gunmen (mainly from Hamas), who used rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank missiles against the troops. IAF planes have been providing air support for the troops, launching missiles at the terrorists during the fighting. One soldier was killed when a terrorist threw an explosive device towards him, and the second soldier was killed during a gun battle.

43-47 palestinians have reportedly also been killed, which, according to palestinian sources, includes civilians. According to Ynetnews, most of the terrorists killed were from Hamas, but also included members of Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees. It is truly a united effort to bring Israel to her knees.

As usual, I am finding it difficult to find a consistent number of palestinian civilians killed. From the Israeli news sites, Ha’aretz reports 10 civilians, Ynetnews 12 (based on a lower figure of 43 palestinians killed), and JPost 16. From the palestinian sites, Ramattan reports 45 dead, the majority of which were civilians. While I do not doubt civilians have been killed, remember we are at war here. Also remember the Hamas quote I blogged yesterday:

‘We will not play into Israel’s hands. If and when the operation is launched, we will combat it with no more than 20 percent of our manpower. The remaining 80 percent will wait for the Israelis inside Palestinian territory to fight under the conditions that we are familiar with and to show that are forces are still there..’

The terrorists are operating within civilian areas, many times with the actual assistance of these civilians, and more often than not with their tacit approval. Brace yourselves for the palestinian propaganda offensive going into overdrive, including stories about civilian deaths, many of which may not be true. Here is an example:

Earlier Friday night, the Palestinians reported of four people killed in IDF strikes in the Strip, including a one-year-old baby. However, there were conflicting versions over the circumstances of the child’s death.

At first, the Palestinians accused the IDF of attacking the baby’s house, but later reported that the house was hit by a stray rocket fired by the Palestinians from within Gaza.

Also brace yourselves for ‘Israel-Nazi’ comparisons. Already today, both PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leader Khaled Meshal have compared Israel’s defending herself to the holocaust. In fact, Abbas said our military campaign is ‘is more than a Holocaust,’ which disappoints me since he is somewhat of an expert on the subject.

Meanwhile, another 5 Israelis were wounded in two separate strikes on Ashkelon, with terrorists launching approximately 50 rockets at southern Israel over the course of the day.

Don’t make any mistake about it. We are at war (and have been for a while now).

I will, as usual, endeavor to liveblog the conflict as it ensues.

Updates (Israel time)

Saturday Mar 1st 

8:13PM: Bullseye! The IAF has reportedly struck a truck transporting 160 Qassam rockets and several gunmen. That is potentially a lot of lives saved right there.

8:23PM: From the Department of Extreme Chutzpah: The PA announced it was halting peace talks with Israel over our Gaza operation. Because defending yourself from terrorists is apparently not good for peace.

8:26PM: The soldiers killed today were Sergeant Doron Asulin, 20, from Beersheba, and Sergeant Eran Dan-Gur, 20, from Jerusalem.

8:52PM: More from infolive.tv. Pay special attention when palestinian propaganda expert Saeb Erekat is speaking and count the number of empty catchphrases and cliches coming out of his mouth, including ‘This will add to the complexities’, ‘This will add fuel to the fire,’ and ‘cycle of violence.’

9:14PM: 2 more Qassams have been fired at Israel.

9:27PM: It’s good to see Mr Bean is working for the other side: Militant lightly hurt by own pipe bomb he planned to throw at IDF in W. Bank.

9:35PM: Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that IDF operations in Gaza must continue in order to drive terrorists launching Qassams into Israel deeper into the central Gaza Strip, as well as destroy rocket productions labs.

I’m guessing we are planning to be there for a while.

9:40PM: According to palestinian sources, we killed the bodyguard of Mahmoud al-Zahar. Now if we could only remove that hideous wart. Not to mention the evil creature attached to it.

9:50PM: According to Arutz Sheva, the IDF is investigating a report of shooting coming from the Arab village of Beit Jala, near the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo.

10:48PM: More on the pipebomb klutz (9:27PM update):

A gunman who had attempted Saturday to throw a pipe bomb at an IDF post near the West Bank town of Bethlehem, ultimately ended up having the device blow up in his hand.

The militant, who was lightly injured, was arrested by IDF troops and was transferred for treatment at a local hospital. He will later be sent to security personnel for questioning.

10:52PM: The fallen soldiers Sergeant Doron Asulin, 20, from Beersheba, and Sergeant Eran Dan-Gur, 20, from Jerusalem:


11:00PM: Welcome back to the French of old.

11:10PM: As I predicted above, the palestinians are going into propaganda overdrive.

Palestinian security officials reacted to the IDF’s Saturday attack on the Rafah Border Crossing and stated that ‘this is the height of the IDF’s moral bankruptcy. The IDF realized it cannot win the battle against Palestinian operatives, so it is now targeting civilians and civilian infrastructures.’

So I’ll again bring out the Hamas quote from yesterday to remind you all that this is not a matter of Israel targeting civilians, but rather the terrorists deliberately operating from within civilian areas:

‘We will not play into Israel’s hands. If and when the operation is launched, we will combat it with no more than 20 percent of our manpower. The remaining 80 percent will wait for the Israelis inside Palestinian territory to fight under the conditions that we are familiar with and to show that are forces are still there..’

11:42PM: Ha’aretz reports that the Gaza death toll is now 61, with 31 of them confirmed terrorists. Meanwhile, Hamas has tried to claim the number of dead ‘militants’ is much lower.

Sunday Mar 2nd

12:12AM: Russia has called for a UN Security Council emergency session on the situation for 7pm, CET (2am GMT).


(Via Israellycool.)

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