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Hussein Campaign Targets Mosques

Posted by avideditor on February 28, 2008

It looks like Hussein O’bama going to the mosques for help. 3/4 mosques promote Jihad. I wonder what concessions  B Hussein O’bama is going to make. 

Hussein Campaign Targets Mosques: “1Everyone please take note of the Email address and telephone number and spread this word……this is called ‘Electioneering’…From Central Ohioans Against Terrorism:An email is circulating from an Obama campaign official calling for volunteers to spread out to all of the area mosques in Central Ohio this coming Friday for afternoon prayers to bring in the vote for Barack Hussein Obama (thanks to my friend ***** who forwarded me the email):Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 14:37:04 -0500From: ahmad.sean.khan81@gmail.comTo: [removed]Subject: This is Ahmad S. Khan (Volunteering for Barack Obama)Assalam Alaik-kum,Thanks so much for volunteering to help Senator Barack Obama turn out the Muslim vote inshalla. On Friday March 29th we want to have Muslim volunteers pray at the Mosques during Juma at around 12:45. After prayer when people are socializing outside we want to have the volunteer pass out Obama civil rights literature, faith based literature, general literature, stickers and bumper stickers. In addition we want the volunteers to emphasize that the election is the following Tuesday and encourage them to vote. That way we can reach every Muslim that went to Mosque the Friday before the election inshalla. Attached is a list of every Mosque in Columbus, if we have missed one please let me know ASAP. In addition if there is a particular Mosque you would prefer to attend Juma at and volunteer let me know.To accomplish this we need to have a training/meeting and have volunteers pick up the necessary materials before volunteers go to the Mosques. We will be having a training/meeting at 9:30 A.M on March 29th at the Obama campus office 2240 N. High Street Columbus Ohio 43201. I will be providing everyone with more information as we get closer to Friday. Please feel free to contact me through email, or call me at 352-874-1195. If my phone is not on please leave me a voice mail with you number and I will get back to you right away. Also please feel free to pass this on to any brothers or sisters who support Senator Obama and would not mind volunteering for just half a day. Thanks again for everything.SincerelyAhmad S. KhanNow, there’s no way for the Obama campaign to distance themselves from this potentially illegal effort as the scheduled meeting will be taking place in the Obama OSU campus headquarters. While the mosques themselves might have plausible deniability (we didn’t know they were going to show up), it appears that the Obama campaign may be involved in illegal electioneering by deliberately targeting tax exempt institutions.

“(Via Pat Dollard | Young Americans.)

2 Responses to “Hussein Campaign Targets Mosques”

  1. Wayne Starnes, M.D. said

    Would like to verify an article posted on march 16,2008 on “Islam is not a religion, it is. . . . . . . . . . ” Love the article. Would like to know more.

    • Wayne Starnes, M.D. said

      Question already sent, my email address listed above is wrong. Correct address: roosterandhen@gmail.com. Would like to confirm article posted on March 16, 2008 regarding “Islam is not a religion nor is it. . . . . . .”
      I am very interested, and very concerned! Wayne Starnes, M. D.. No website. Thanks

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