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Graffiti alert!

Posted by avideditor on February 28, 2008

Ezera Makes an excellent point on how the Canadian Jewish community is not addressing the more important issues. What do you think?

Graffiti alert!: “When Warren Kinsella quit the National Post a few weeks ago (though, to be accurate, they were only printing him once a month by that point), he announced that the universe had balanced itself out, in that he had joined the Canadian Jewish Congress’s legal committee. Having sat on my share of Jewish community volunteer committees over the years — including one with Kinsella himself — I can testify that they’re not really the same thing as a paying column in a national newspaper. If there are 350,000 Jews in Canada, I’d estimate that there are about 350,000 volunteer positions to be filled.But I underestimated Kinsella’s impact. Today, the CJC has put out an urgent news release: somewhere in Toronto, a school desk was found to have some anti-Semitic graffiti scribbled on it. If finding a swastika scrawled on a bathroom wall was cause for an Orange Alert, this graffiti — on a desk, people, a desk! — is War Measures Act material.It’s embarrassing to see a once-great institution like the CJC be reduced to issuing red alerts over kids’ graffiti. I’m not in favour of anti-Semitic graffiti, especially on Toronto campuses. That’s vandalism, and it’s also downright rude. But it says something about the CJC that while they’re awfully brave at tackling anonymous graffiti, they dont dare criticize, say, the annual Israel Apartheid Week Jew-bashing festival on Toronto campuses. That would mean butting heads with their more, uh, spirited friends.The ‘hate’ problem in Canada isn’t anonymous swastikas being secretly scrawled by rebellious kids, who likely don’t even know what they’re doing, other than it seems to annoy the grown-ups a lot. The ‘hate’ problem in Canada is a growing body of Canadians who are importing alien values of violence and censorship to support their broader goals of jihad. According to a CBC poll, fully 12% of Canadian Muslims surveyed felt that the 2006 jihadist plot to murder the Prime Minister and bomb Toronto buildings was ‘justified’. That’s tens of thousands of people who haven’t assimilated our western, liberal values.A Canadian Jewish Congress that lived up to its name would give a damn about that. Instead, we’ve got ourselves a very expensive graffiti patrol. Oy vay.  “(Via avideditorla’s shared items in Google Reader.)

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