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Al Qaeda Orders Assassination Of Geert Wilders

Posted by avideditor on February 28, 2008

You must do something right to get an Al Qaeda  death threat. I can’t wait to see his movie. I hope he stays safer than Vango.  I hope this will wake some of the Europeans up to the threat of Radical Islam but I am not holding my breath. Al Qaeda Orders Assassination Of Geert Wilders: “1The terrorist network Al-Qaeda has given orders for the assassination of MP Geert Wilders, newspaper De Telegraaf reports. The Party for Freedom (PVV) leader must be ’slaughtered’, the orders say, because he has insulted Islam and the prophet Mohammed.The newspaper based its report on a recent message on a protected web forum of internet site al-ekhlaas.net, which De Telegraaf claims is affiliated with Al-Qaeda. The internet threat, which was posted on 28 January, was intercepted by the American research institute SITE Intelligence Group, the newspaper reports.‘In the name of Allah, we ask you to bring us the neck of this unbeliever who insults Islam and the Muslims and ridicules the prophet Mohammed,’ the site says about Wilders, according to the newspaper.The message honours Mohammed Bouyeri as a hero. This Amsterdam-born Moroccan Muslim cut Islam-critic Theo van Gogh’s throat on 2 November 2004. The message also appeals for readers to ‘terrorise’ the Netherlands to prevent Wilders’ controversial film on the Koran from being broadcast.Wilders says his film is finished, and only still needs to be edited. He will try to show the film via an official broadcaster. He expects the negotiations to last between several days and several weeks.Wilders has set up a separate website where his Koran film will be shown in any event. The host of this site, http://www.fitnathemovie.com, is located in the United States. Wilders also plans to put the film on the YouTube website.The film takes place within the Koran, Wilders earlier explained, with the book opening and showing the viewer images of atrocities allegedly inspired by the verses. It lasts about 15 minutes and ends with a picture of the prophet Mohammed, to which ‘something happens’, he added.(NIS)”(Via Pat Dollard | Young Americans.)

2 Responses to “Al Qaeda Orders Assassination Of Geert Wilders”

  1. trajan75 said

    He’s the man. I wish other leaders had his balls!

  2. avideditor said

    I miss Rudy. McCain will never do something like that.

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