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ABC: Foreign Pilots Still Training @ Flight Schools; The Hypocrisy of ABC News

Posted by avideditor on February 28, 2008

It looks like ABC is bipolar. Well at least it exposes the truth some times unlike MSNBC. 

ABC: Foreign Pilots Still Training @ Flight Schools; The Hypocrisy of ABC News: “By Debbie Schlussel

I’m confused, dear readers. Maybe you can help explain this inconsistency to me and make things jibe.Tonight, on ABC’s ‘World News Tonight,’ investigative reporter Brian Ross reports that thousands of foreigners are taking flying lessons at domestic flight schools, and it could be ‘another 9/11.’ ABC’s publicists sent me an alert about the story and told me it’s a ‘9/11 Redux.’ Therefore, I need to be concerned.But the amorphous, general ‘foreigners’ at pilot schools are not necessarily the specific category of those who took flight lessons and downed four planes on 9/11, murdering almost 3,000 Americans. It was ARAB MUSLIM foreigners who trained at flight schools who did it.abcnewstoilet.jpgPhoto From MediaBistroBut, last night, ABC News told me–in an hour-long primetime news special–that if I refuse to service Muslims at my place of business, I’m prejudiced–‘Islamophobic!’ And violating the law, they told all viewers.I’m confused.So, which is it? If I refuse to serve Arab Muslim aliens at flight schools, I’m bigoted. But if I refuse to serve the general ‘foreign pilots,’ then I’m an American hero preventing another 9/11.Sorry, but I’m not the one who is mixed up when it comes to suspicious Muslims at businesses in America.ABC is. If you can’t get it straight, ABC News, don’t lecture us about the manufactured ‘Islamophobic’ Americans who are just Americans that remember who attacked us on 9/11 and well before and ever since.”

(Via Debbie Schlussel.)

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